Falls Gaming Log Archive - All of the notes from our games since 2003 are contained here including sessons of Forge, Shadowrun, HARP, V&V, Savage Worlds and Warhammer Fantasy.
Resonance - Google group for game resources and our calendar (off-site).
Villains & Vigilantes - From gritty street level justice to four-color superheroics, game logs and character sheets for past and ongoing campaigns for this classic system are found here.
Adventures in Tymirr - Tymirr takes place in the Colored Lands, a fantasy setting of my own creation, and uses the High Adventure Role-Playing (HARP) rules by ICE. Find custom rules, game logs and other info here.
Forge: Out of Chaos - Custom character and magic sheets for the Basement Games, LLC game Forge: Out of Chaos. Game logs and custom character sheets are available.
Shadowrun 3/4 - Campaign information for 3rd and 4th Edition Shadowrun games.
Shadowrun Outlaws - My first mod for SR3, Outlaws takes place in the early 1880's, but since the Awakening happened 200 years early it is a very different Old West. Metahumans, Shamanic magic and steampunk technology abound.
Eternals RPG - Using the Shadowrun II system, I created a fantasy setting with influences from Japanese animation, video games and comics. The world of Anara is vast, with many races, and is ruled by many gods, giving a sense of high adventure.
Shadowrun Hunter D - My first Shadowrun II conversion, Shadowrun Hunter D is set in the world of the Japanese animation movie Vampire Hunter D. The world of VHD is vastly different from Shadowrun, and includes several character and metahuman types that I created for the setting.
D6 Superheroes Second Edition - Revised and expanded rules for running superheroes campaigns using D6. Includes lists of superpowers, skills, and weapons for use with the system. These rules were created by Mike Bentley, revised and expanded by me.
TimeCrash - Back by popular demand! Session logs of the zany IRC superhero adventure using the D6 system.
Mike Bentley's Lost IRC Logs - Herein lie a few IRC logs and game resources for games that Mike Bentley ran. Star Wars and D6 Superheroes, The Adventures of Kyle vol. I and II.