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Session 15 – The Observatory

Sean leads us into the observatory. The building is shaped like an “L” and is quite large. There is a fountain and green space in the front that is pretty overgrown. We see about a dozen people who are coming out as we approach. Some of them have guns.

They greet Sean and Joseph and the Prof let them know what we are looking for. They say that they can help us out, but the big telescope is broken. They also saw the launch but don’t know that it is either.

We notice someone we know — it is Dusty along with his wolf companion. An older man introduces himself, and there is an attractive couple. A woman with a 12 year old girl. Finally, another older guy standing back from the group.

They invite us in and we go to the telescope to take a look. Damian Martin (the young man), Andreas Baraza (a bookish looking man), Mikayla Abravski (younger woman who looks like a student). Andreas says that he was an instructor here and some of these people were his students.

We introduce Andreas to Alex and he reveals himself as an alien. Andreas is surprised but immediately says “I knew it!” and discusses how they saw the spaceship crash. He is very interested in speaking more with Alex and learning about his planet and history.

Simon goes off with a girl named Megan and they bond over comics and pop culture from the past few years. She confides in him that someone from the group very recently died. We hear from Andreas that the person was killed by a huge wolf. She also says that one of the group members was trying to go south and was captured by raiders. She managed to escape and made it back.

The group diagnoses the problem with the telescope and see that we need a 12 inch steel wheel and jacks to hold up the apparatus while we replace the broken one. We will go into town to find a new one.

Simon invites his new friend Megan to come along with us, but Ian thinks that she will be a liability. She convinces him that she can hold her own by showing him her Glock and that she knows how to use it.

Alex, noticing that Megan and Simon are taking a liking to one another, says that he is interested to see human mating in action “for science.” Joseph says that he may want to “skip this one.”

Joseph asks Megan why there are more women in their group than men. She comments that it’s because men are more likely to get killed because they go off thinking they have something to prove. Alex tells Joseph that sometimes after a person has lost someone of a certain personality, they tend to seek someone who is the complete opposite. (Referencing that if her ex-boyfriend was adventurous, she may be interested in Simon now because he is the opposite.)

On the boat, we head out and almost immediately we see a ripple in the water. The big fish is back. Everyone starts firing on it including Meagan with her glock. Alex uses a “spell” that creates a long wall in the way of the fish and it slams into it instead of the side of the boat. It does not break. Simon fires on it with his gun.

Ian saunters up to the side of the boat, raises his enormous Peacemaker pistol, sighting the gun with one eye, and blows a massive hole straight through the fish’s brain, spraying innards over the water and into the boat. A massive cloud of smoke rises from the gun and he blows over the end of the barrel, grunting as he lowers it.

Alex asks for a sample of the giant fish so we slice some off.

We get to shore and start looking through town. Meagan nudges Simon and tells him that there is an old comic store near here. They peel off and no one notices. The Prof is actually so distracted that he trips and falls and hurts himself. Alex fixes him up.

Everyone notices that Simon and Meaghan are gone and start looking for them. They are found in a comic book shop down the street looking through longboxes. Ian is angry that they are wasting time here but Simon shows him a very rare comic book that is in pristine shape. Ian asks if it is made of iron or something that we can eat. Simon retorts that “this is culture, if we don’t have this then we have nothing!” Meaghan pulls him by the arm and suggests that they go.

The group finds the Post Office and goes inside. Suddenly Meagan pulls her pistol and grabs Simon’s arm and says that she sees something. There are a group of shapes ahead. Joseph sees it and tosses a grenade into the mix and it explodes. We see several blues and start gunning them down. One attacks Simon but Meaghan shoots it down. The group shoots several more and Meaghan kills another one. Simon’s jaw drops and he asks her how she learned to shoot like that. She nonchalantly says that they practice a lot.

After the commotion is over, Dusty bursts in expecting a fight.

We clean things up and do find a wheel that should work for what we need on the telescope. Joseph also finds a shortwave radio and two handheld radios that work with it.

We go across the street to the Harley Davidson dealership and find some leather jackets. Alex finds one that has heavy pads on its elbows. It is large enough to fit him with all four arms. There is also a gun safe in the back that is turned on its side. Everyone grabs the safe and rights it, then the Prof walks up and says that he could probably beat the lock. He explains the science behind the locking mechanism and listens for the tumblers as he turns the dial, and it pops open a few moments later. Everyone just stares at him. The gun safe contains several nice guns and ammunition which we take. There is also some food and a solar charger.

Session 14 – The Bear and the Sturgeon

As we are approaching the house, which is a large modern home on Lake Geneva. We hear dogs barking and two gunshots. One of the dogs lets out a high pitched whine. Ian and Joseph pull out their guns (Joseph has an AR-15) and run toward the house. Cody, Alex, Simon and the Prof hang back but also draw guns and go up slowly.

They see a bear-like creature at the house. Joseph aims with his AR-15 and his night vision scope, and fires a shot. Upon hearing this, the others behind begin running up the hill but they are a ways behind.

Joseph and Ian see Sean open one of the windows of the house and start fire a pistol at the bear. Joseph opens up with his AR-15. The bear slumps over, dead. We move up to examine it, and it looks like a normal bear. When we get closer, we see that it has strange bifurcated claws on each paw and massive teeth. It is also bleeding black instead of red.

We go inside to check on Sean and his family, and they are okay. One of the dogs was eaten, but the three kids (Zane, Robert and Anneke) and his wife Rhea are okay. There is a support beam in the home that was completely sheared in half by the bear.

The Prof attempts to take off the bear’s claws with a hacksaw but it is difficult to do. We start doing introductions when they notice Alex and start freaking out. Ian explains that he is indeed an alien but he is friendly. The Prof immediately begins explaining how the solar flare coincided with Alex’s ship going through the solar system causing it to crash, but their heads are spinning.

The Prof helps Sean’s attractive 17-year-old daughter to bury her deceased dog, which she appreciates.

Speaking more with Sean and his family, he offers us some alcohol and some take it. He asks what we are doing here and we explain that we are trying to get to the observatory to study the satellite that we saw go up a few weeks ago. He says that they saw it go up but don’t know what it is either. They offer to let us use their 30 foot steam boat to traverse the lake. We figure that we could fit the cart and horses on it.

Sean lets us know where we can sleep, and we all start heading to bed. Anneke has been flirting with Cody, and she invites him upstairs, grabbing a bottle of alcohol first. The parents don’t seem to mind as clearly she doesn’t get a lot of company. They go upstairs and visit for a while and listen to music and snuggle. Simon walks past, slightly jealous.

Simon finds some books on local history that he reads about the region and the observatory.

In the morning, we wake up to food cooking. They have root vegetables for us to eat. They offer to let us use their shower, as well. Joseph takes advantage of it.

Cody asks the Prof to help him load all of his music on Anneke’s iPod for her, which she appreciates.

Sean gives Ian and Joseph some ammunition for their guns. Joseph gives him a fragmentation grenade for defense, which Sean really appreciates.

We load up the cart and horses on the boat along with the rest of our gear, and we cast off with Sean driving the boat. Sean tells us that the people at the observatory are pretty friendly. He usually deals with one of the students named Damien Martin. He also knows the Faldors who live across the lake. There are others who have migrated in as well over the past couple of years so it is a bit of a mix.

We get to the middle of the lake and the boat suddenly rocks to the side. Everyone loses their footing but is able to recover except Alex, who has a high center of gravity. Cody grabs him. One of the horses falls into the lake. We see a huge fin come past us. Joseph raises his rifle and shoots it, wounding it badly and forcing it to move off. It is a giant sturgeon, at least 25 feet long.

We scramble to help the horse back into the boat using ropes and the boat’s cargo winch. It takes us quite a long time and we are all exhausted from the effort, but the horse is brought back on board. It is wounded but okay.

Sean says that he will come with us to the observatory. He also muses about improvements that he needs to make on the boat, including a harpoon gun and some steel reinforcements to the hull.

Session 13 – The Storm

After two days of travel from Lapham Peak, the Professor and Bob arrive in Beloit on his electric bike. The Professor finds the complex and askes for Zerc, who he says sent him a letter. Zerc doesn’t recognize him at first since he has lost weight, his hair has grayed and he is wearing road clothes and carries an M-16. They begin to talk, catching up. Prof thought that Zerc was dead.

The conversation ends abruptly when Alex walks in and Bob begins to freak out. He explains who he is and the planet he comes from, and the Prof starts asking all kinds of questions. Alex explains that he arrived on earth a few months ago after millions of years traveling from his dead planet. He was on something of an “ark” that had the genetic material of all species on board. The Prof actually pulls out one of the vials that he had found through his travels and gives it to Alex. Alex sees that it is the material for another Talolan (one of his race). He thanks the Prof.

Scotty comes out and meets Bob and the Prof. The Prof continues to pepper him with questions about where their planet is in the sky, and if it’s in this galaxy or another. Scotty actually doesn’t know where their planet was located. The Prof says that there was a launch that occurred 3 months ago and a new bright light has appeared in the sky and hasn’t moved — something is in geo-synchronous orbit directly above us. The Prof says that he would like to get to the Yerkes Observatory, the largest refraction telescope, in Lake Geneva to study the object and determine the possible origin of the Talolans. Zerc remembers vaguely seeing the launch a few months ago.

We pack up and leave the next morning for Lake Geneva. We take County Highway B using the electric scooters (the Prof and Bob) and the rest of us on a horse-drawn cart. We stop for lunch to eat and recharge the solar batteries. As we start moving again, Ian and the Prof see what looks like a thunderstorm ahead. The Prof thinks that it is something much more dangerous, so we start to look for cover. Some of us remember that there is an electrical substation.

We get to the substation in a few minutes, just ahead of the storm. There does appear to be some sort of precipitation coming, and we can taste and feel something strange in the air. The door to the station is locked, and Zerc and the Prof pick it after a few minutes. We get everything inside and shut and bar the door. There is a hatch in the middle of the room to an underground room. We get it open and climb down. As the storm goes over us we see the electricity in the pipes around us and the horses are spooked.

After about 15 minutes it subsides and we go up and check things out. The horses are okay but looking outside, it has rained and there are trees down. It looks like scorched earth with grass and foliage burned up. The storm is moving northeast toward Milwaukee, and we worry about who may be caught outside in this.

Thinking about what may have caused this, Simon thinks that perhaps it is instability in the earth’s magnetic field that is causing all of the problems. The Prof takes all kinds of readings and records them for later. There’s a good chance that we could get more of these.

We pack up our gear and continue on toward Lake Geneva.

Session 14 – Find Mastermind

All of us except Necros and Spectral Spear suddenly have an ear-splitting headache and we hear the voice of the Mastermind in our head. He says “You are the only ones left who can stop me! First Carbon City, next stop the world!”

Jade Monkey uses a spell to counteract the mind control, and is able to tell that Mastermind is somewhere northeast of the city. He does not have a range, so we will need to start traveling to find him.

Necros drinks the blood of the deceased Crusader to satisfy his thirst.

Eventually we all recover from Mastermind’s telepathy. We pile into the OctoPod and drive. We get a few miles out of town and come across an abandoned Sanitorium. Jade Monkey senses that he could be here. It is 3 stories tall and very old. We start to circle around in search of a weak point, but Harry sees that the weather vane is of a strange and different design. It is moving but doesn’t seem to be moving with the wind. Nitro hurls his sickle at it and strikes it. It seems to be destroyed. Harry stops the car behind the building and turns off the power to the whole place.

Necros steps through the wall of the house and takes a look around. He is shaken by a psychic damage field that exists around the building. Jade Monkey casts a spell to control a swarm of rats and has them search through the building for any people. We hear them go through the upstairs and then into a closet. We follow and Jade Monkey casts a spell to make the rats explode without actually dying. We hear an explosion, a scream and follow the rats into the closet.

Nitro is first and sees a staircase at the back of the closet. He runs down and sees Mastermind there, pretty much the worse for wear with his clothes disheveled, his mustache singed and his monacle askew. Nitro attacks immediately. Spear goes down the stairs behind him, followed by Octo.

Octo doesn’t see anything in the room, even though Nitro looks like he just vanquished a foe. “There’s no one here,” Octo says. “Not any more,” Nitro says. Octo sees that a huge mass of power lines is coming from the floor through the ceiling. This is probably what was powering his device on the roof. He also sees a door at the back of the room. He runs for it and is immediately hit in the face with an energy blast, almost knocking him down.

Jade Monkey uses a spell and creates the illusion of dozens of superheroes, all the ones he’s seen so far, surrounding Mastermind, who is in the room with a strange device on his head. We attack and Nitro literally gives him a heart attack by striking him with the hammer in his chest. Aqua comes to help him.

Jade Monkey uses the power of Negation to take away his intelligence. He is now a drooling idiot.

We take his ray gun and his Colt 1911 with special HK ammunition.

Octo checks out the machinery in the lair and sees that this was a device to modify Mastermind’s own powers. He packs the equipment up to see if he can reverse engineer it later. He also discovers that the raygun is a Negation Ray, and takes it for his use later on.

We head back to Carbon City and begin reconstruction of the OctoLair.

Session 13 – Infiltration

We are at the OctoCave, and we hear a huge explosion. We run out of the rooms we were in to see that the lift to bring vehicles up and down from the surface has exploded and been broken into by someone. The base is being infiltrated.

We see a man in armor jump down and land amidst the wreckage of the lift, and four more follow him. Strangely we recognize them as fellow heroes from Carbon City. They are the Crusader, The Ice Queen, Soothsayer, Kilowatt and Brimstone. They are ready to battle. We see that their eyes look strange. Jade Monkey senses that they are being controlled by someone magically.

Nitro, using his jetpack, flies over to them and hammers a great strike on the knight. Suddenly his attack is turned back on him in a blinding flash of light, and he goes down. The other team members make attacks with varying success. Kilowatt jumps down the hallway and crashes Jade Monkey into Octo. Brimstone then blasts them both with magic power. Necros attacks the Ice Queen. Spectral Spear grabs Nitro and tries to fly him to safety. A huge shark emerges out of the ground and bites onto the Crusader. Octo tries to attack Kilowatt but fails, and one of his arms malfunctions. Jade Monkey goes intangible and tries to get away. Octo strikes again and takes down Kilowatt. Necros goes incorporeal and then re-emerges inside the Crusader. He goes down.

The battle over, Jade Monkey heals Soothsayer and asks her who did this. She says that she doesn’t remember when it happened, but it was Mastermind who did it. Spectral Spear and Dr. Aquatic heal Nitro.

Session 12 – Attack on City Hall

As we run toward city hall, we see a gardened area with a pool and walkway. There are civilians here with several bad guys threatening them. Spectral Spear makes a force field around some of them so they cannot attack. Jade Monkey similarly makes an earth wall to trap two others.

We take out the others, and Jade Monkey creates a huge illusion of a dragon to scare them. One of them is so scared that he passes out.

We go to city hall and as we approach, someone from a second floor window calls out and tells us not to go through the front door, as it’s wired for explosives. Nitro immediately launches himself up with a jetpack and uppercuts him, knocking him out. Necros phases through the wall and deactivates the bomb. Nitro goes in and speaks with the mayor, letting him know that he is safe now. He introduces himself as Nitro and says that he has come on behalf of the Carbon City Sentinels.

Outside, we hear someone clapping. We see a man in an expensive suit with a long mustache, short gray hair and a monacle. He introduces himself as Mastermind, and says that we have done a great job of saving the city, but he will come back and beat us later and he won’t even have to try. Necros tries to attack him but he goes right through. Octo tries a ranged attack but it doesn’t work either.

He laughs and disappears. We head back to the OctoCave.

Session 11 – Attack on City Hall

The Scarlet Scourge wakes up and thanks us for helping him. He and the Occultist say that they will take care of Cyrus Sharpe themselves. We bid them farewell.

We ask Jade Monkey where he is going next. He says that we will accompany us to Carbon City if we wouldn’t mind giving him a ride. We do, and drop him off in the Chinatown area of Carbon City. We tell him that we’d like to work with him again and give him our information.

We jump forward from November 1937 to February 1938. The Nazis have already annexed Czechoslovakia and Austria, but things have been relatively quiet in Carbon City. We have been helping out with minor things like fires and getting kittens out of trees. We begin wondering what is going on.

The team starts asking informants in town what might be happening.  Between the Chinatown contacts that Jade Monkey has and the people working at the car factory, there has been a “gag order” put on crime. We aren’t able to find out anything else.

We have a meeting in the OctoCave one morning, and suddenly all hell breaks loose. We get notifications that there are robberies, arson, bank robberies and a tank advancing on city hall. The newspapers report that people are stealing payroll.

We take the OctoPod downtown and find the tank. It looks like a weird science contraption. Harry parks the OctoPod in an alley and we all jump out. We see that the tank has mad science parts on it, like a Jacob’s Ladder.

We all attack and Nitro breaks the tread on one side of the tank. Jade Monkey strikes his staff on the ground and it cracks open, partly swallowing the tank. It stops moving. Dr. Aquatic tears the door of the tank off and begins attacking the jumpsuited minions inside. Spectral Spear and the others follow up.

Spectral uses her martial arts skills to jump inside the tank and knock out several minions. Octo jumps in as well and uses his tentacles to take out three men. Only one remains.

Jade Monkey reads the mind of one of the men in the tank and learns that his mission was to get to City Hall and to kidnap the mayor. As to who ordered this, it seems like the memory of this has been removed from his mind.

Dr. Aquatic tears the door off of the cockpit and takes out the pilot. Octo binds up the others so they can’t move.

Session 10 – The Black Coachman

The Asian man introduces himself as Sun Woo Kong, a disciple of the Temple of the Monkey King in the mountains of China. When the temple was taken over by the Japanese, he fled to the US. He came to this area because he sensed a magical disturbance here, as he has some magical abilities.

The team introduces ourselves to him, and he also meets The Occultist. We urge him to change his name to make it more friendly to Americans. He chooses the moniker “Jade Monkey”.

Harry asks The Occultist more about the murderer, Cyrus. He says that he does not know his whereabouts or how he had managed to summon the Black Coachman. He assumes that we could follow up with him later.

The Occultist tells Jade Monkey that he should be able to wield the stone to de-power the Black Coachman when he returns tonight. He asks the rest of us to assist as soon as the Coachman becomes corporeal.

At thirteen minutes past midnight, the Coachman appears. Jade Monkey uses the stone and he becomes mortal. As he does this, we see Monkey pull out one of his hairs to cast the spell. He has several bald patches on his head.

Gazing at the Coachman, Harry becomes very afraid and is permanently mentally scarred (minor phobia to all demonic entities).

Nitro surges forward and strikes him with his hammer. Jade Monkey casts a spell and the ground grows up around him and captures his legs. Suddenly the Coachman grows in size and power.

We hear the sounds of an angry mob approaching and there are villagers coming down the hill with torches and pitchforks. At the same time we see a man in a white costume float down. This is Titan, a Superman-like hero from Carbon City.

Octo leaps into the fray and tries attacking the Coachman, but is not successful. Nitro swings his hammer and brings him low, and he turns into mist and disappears along with his coach and horses.

The Occultist drops his spell and the Scarlet Scourge awakens. He seems disoriented.

After this ordeal, a bolt pops off of Necros’ mask, bringing him one step toward redemption.

Session 9 – The Black Coachman

We hear someone running toward the church. We see a short Asian man running in. Behind him we hear horses. The man takes cover in the corner.

The coach comes through the mist and comes to a stop. A man wearing a top hat with a flaming skull is atop a flying black coach with demon horses.

Octo shoots a net on him and Nitro jetpacks to him and strikes him hard with his hammer an sickle (196 damage!).

Octo has the stone but does not use it in time. The Coachman disappears and we must wait 24 hours to try again.

Session 8 – The Black Coachman

We are at the base. Necros feels a psychic “tugging” to the north. We gear up and take the OctoPod north. We arrive at Reedsburg, an unincorporated town. There is a closed general store, a diner, and a municipal building. Up the hill there is a very old church.

Nitro sees someone vaguely familiar. Octo knows him — he is a mystery man from Carbon City. His name is The Occultist. He has spats, an Inverness cape, and a black top had with a blue band. He asks for some help with a presence in the church, and it may also help with Necros’ issues. He does not elaborate.

In the church there is a circle of candles and an altar. The Scarlet Scourge is inside the circle, unconscious. He is known as the “tool of God’s wrath on Earth” and is red as his name suggests. The candle flames have a strange smell to them, and The Occultist tells us that they are warding candles.

The Occultist says that there is a demon that has been alive for many years, recently referred to as the Black Coachman. He can be summoned and when he is, he takes thirteen souls. Cyrus Sharp, a convicted murderer, is trying to take out the jury that convicted him using the Coachman. The jurors are already dead, but the Scarlet Scourge’s alter ego is a man named James Rand, an investigative reporter who brought evidence against Cyrus. The murderer tried to kill James but The Occultist saved him. He is expending his life energy to keep James alive so he needs our help to stop Cyrus and the Coachman.

Necros fills us in on his backstory. His mask is stuck on. He is thousands of years old. He was in the service of an army long ago and was captured by natives, tortured and starved. But he did not die. This made the tribesmen fearful. They bolted a mask on his face, trapping him in darkness. He has dark powers but he doesn’t know where they came from. He needs to drink blood to survive. The Occultist says that a good deed may loosen one of the bolts on his mask.

The Occultist says that Nitro’s weapon will injure the Coachman but only he himself can banish him. We must use a binding stone to stop it, and then bring it to the Occultist for him to deal with.

The Coachman will come at 12:13 am, so we have about an hour. The Coachman must stay within 13 miles of the person who summoned him.

Session 7 – The Atlantean

We are in the OctoCave; Necros and Dr. Aquatic are not here. Spectral Spear gets an urgent mental communique from Dr. Aquatic. He is at the bottom of the lake and is asking for our help. He wants us to bring a vial of water from his room.

We take the OctoPod south. We arrive at a shipwreck, the USS Alpena which is a steamer. He is leaning against a rock outcropping. We are almost 150 feet underwater here.

We go to him, and see that his right hand has been torn off. He is barely concious. He gestures toward the left and says to get him there. We take him into the OctoPod and travel the direction he was pointing.

Soon we see a kind of structure ahead, three rock-like claws sticking up from the lake floor, and a dome. There is a ship here as well.

We pull off Aquatic’s helmet. We’ve never seen his face before. He looks human with bluish skin. He has gills. His breathing is labored. We pour some of the water on his gills. He wakes up briefly and tells us not to waste the water.

We dock at the structure. Surprisingly it interfaces with the pod. There is no one here but we find a gun and some blood, but no bodies anywhere around. There are living quarters and eating areas. We find equipment to repair Aquatic’s armor. We take it with us.

Suddenly in the corridor we are attacked by a huge creature, seemingly the same race as Aquatic. He has claws, though! We defeat him and put him in the walk-in cooler.

We find a medical bay There is a bacta tank with an opening for the vial. We put Aquatic in there to heal and use the vial.

The last wing has a lab. Tons of blood and bodies are in this area. A smashed bacta tank is also here. There are written logs. Spear translates them, as she can read any type of language. They were making a genetically engineered combat machine, and it got loose and killed them.

Aquatic wakes up and he has a strange watery arm where it had been previously torn off. He says that he is Atlantean. He says they they were rogue scientists who created the creature. The creature probably absorbed them. We decide to kill the creature by cutting it and burning it up.

Aquatic says that he is actually half-Atlantean. His mother was a land-dweller. He says that all Atlanteans are slightly telepathic. He asks us to keep all of this a secret.

Session 6 – The Radio Marauders

We go to Veterans Square, a memorial of World War I. A space ship has crashed in the park, and men with bad Russian accents Tommy guns. The cops warn us that they have threatened to detonate a bomb and kill everyone in the square. Nitro talks to them in Russian and they do not understand. We attack.

Necros phases through the space ship and finds finds that the bomb is completely fake. This is likely a distraction. Spectral floats above the buildings and sees a robbery going on to the east, and a car chase to the north. We decide to go to the robbery to try and stop it.

We take out the fake Russians but Octo is wounded. Dr. Aquatic heals him with water that envelops him and the bullets pop out. They are strange bullets with blue tips.

We go to the bank and the Radio Marauders are robbing the place. They do not have the same bullets and they do not hurt us. We take them out and see they were in the safe deposit boxes again. They only took jewels and coins. No papers, etc. The cops take them to jail. We rush to the north, to see if we can catch the getaway car. We see some smashed cars but the bad guys are gone. We head back to the OctoCave.

Harry works all night on the radio devices and figures out how to get a fix on their signals. Meanwhile, Nitro calls the cops about the strange bullets. They are calling them Hero Killers.

We trace the radio signal to the northeast side of town, about five minutes out — the old radio factory is there.

Harry spends more time on the device and figures how to shut down radio signals with it.

We do a records search and find blueprints of the factory. There are three loading docks. We go to the front door. It is an office. Further in, there is an assembly room and lab. There is a mad scientist here in a white jacket. He shoots us with a stun gun.

We take them all out, then call the cops as usual. He told us that he was trying to make a sleep gun. We see the plans on his journal “Professor Moltry Dobbs” and his studies in using radio waves to put people to sleep. He was trying to put the entire town to street, then rob them blind. The machine he was working on is here.

For our trophy room, we take his stun pistol, a mind-reading hat, and a jetpack. Also a camera with a spinning colored disc in it. There are guns here with cop killer bullets — 100 rounds.

Session 5 – The Radio Marauders

We head quickly to the bank on 5th and 3rd. We take the Octo-Pod. We switch over to telepathic links as our other coms go out. At the site we see a black panel van and sedans with their engines still running.

Necros cuts the engines of the vehicles with his powers. He phases into the truck and sucks the blood of the driver.

Nitro smashes the bank door open with his hammer. We all go inside and attack — some are KOd and several are killed.

The police arrive and we search the place. The safe deposit boxes have been disturbed, and also the records room. The window is open, and someone must have escaped. Spectral goes after him and finds only a helmet and a backpack. We try to interrogate the Marauders that are still alive but they have had some sort of conditioning and don’t break.

Octo tries to check some of their equipment to see if he can hack it. He needs his lab to do anything. We have them taken to jail, and head back to base. After some tinkering, Octo sees that the helmets can communicate with one another. The backpacks cancel signals.

Two days later, an announcement comes over the regular radio. It says that a ship has crashed in Veterans Square downtown and there is a “Communist Revolution” going on. We quickly head there.

Session 4 – The Radio Marauders

A couple of weeks pass. At our next meeting, Red Star and Mother Russia arrive and they are dressed differently. Red Star is now wearing black armor with a dragon on it, and is calling himself Nitro. Mother Russia is in a white costume and calls herself Spectral Spear. They think that these personas will work better with the public.

There have been several bank robberies by the so-called “Radio Marauders.” They wear helmets with speakers on the front, and backpacks with antennae. They are somehow able to cut off all radio signals and phones with this equipment. They use guns. They have stolen $300,000 in the past few weeks.

We get a call from Randolph. We go to the precienct and bring them donuts. He gives us a folder with some information. All of the robberies have the same MO — they show up in a black panel truck or limo. Usually 5-10 people. No pattern of target banks. They hold up the banks with pistols and Tommy guns. They knock out communications but can talk with each other somehow. They take cash and crowbar through safe deposit boxes. They have killed 2 cops so far.

At the telephone company we set up a signal that will go off when the banks lose communications and we can quickly go to catch them. Necros, Nitro and Spear stay there to monitor. Harry goes back to the base and tries to monitor from there. Nothing comes up, so he begins designing a device that will counteract the effects of their tech.

The second day, there is a signal at noon that the bank on 5th and 3rd is being robbed.

Session 3 – The Bullet Brigade

We fight and defeat the Black Bullet. They have guns and ammo, and a safe with cash and jewels. Necros melts the guns and ammo. We take his helmet, Rocket Pistol and ammo for a souvenir (they shoot rocket, high explosive and smoke). We call the police.

We find a list of banks and also pins on a board. All the banks have connections with the Sabatini Crime Family. It says “Only 4 more to go. -M” which may refer to the Maranati family. The Fillini family is currently in charge. We give this info to the police as well.

Session 2 – The Bullet Brigade

The CCPD comes to clean up the mess. We work with Commissioner Randolph.

There are two papers in town. The Carbon City Tribune is against supers — their editor is named Jonathan Aldridge. The Catholic City Herald is very religious. The City Independent Review and Carbon Times are more balanced. Janis Steel, a writer for the Carbon Times, is a contact of ours.

Randolph tells us to get what info we can from the man we imprisoned. We take him back to our lair tangled in the tentacles of the Octo-Pod.

Necros creepily phases through the cell bars and the man is scared. He tells us that the Bullet Brigade is led by the Black Bullet. They are currently at an old farmhouse. They have a getaway driver but no defenses. He uses a fancy pistol. His name is Joe. We take him back to the police.

We go to the farmhouse immediately from there. Necros phases through and opens the door for us. Harry uses a radio signal to open a hidden ramp. We descend to a garage and take out a few guns.

Session 1 – The Bullet Brigade

We are in pursuit of 3 bullet cars crewed by the Bullet Brigade. A chase ensues. We harpoon one of the cars.

Red Star smashes one with his hammer. Dr. Aquatic attacks one with his trident, then summons piranhas. Mother Russia uses her force attack.

Two of the bullet cars crash and the occupants die. One is stopped and they survive.

We collect six Colt 1911s, and three Tommy Guns. We take the goons back to our lair and place them in a holding cell.

Session 5 – Firitucci

Set is hiding in Nurugu’s body.

Antonio leaves and sends a telegram to the Vatican, asking for Trill’s former name. They respond almost immediately with “Firitucci”.

We go to the public records office near Battery Park. On the way, Antonio sees someone following us. He asks Jack to take a circuitous route. We see that it is a laundry truck.

Antonio asks us to find a newspaper stand. He trips on the way out of the car. The truck stops and a man gets out.

Antonio sits in the cab of the truck and sees that the guy in the passenger seat is awfully beefy. The guy goes after him but Antonio jams on the accelerator and shoots him twice in the chest. He runs another bad guy over and breaks his ankles. There are several more guys in the back of the truck.

Jack uses a spell to create spikes where the guy is holding on to the truck. He falls out with quarter-sized holes in his hands.

Shen likes the idea and casts a grease spell on the other guy. It causes an oil can to spill on him but he doesn’t fall.

Antonio cold cocks the guy he shot and he passes out. He steers the truck toward the river.

Shen takes off after the guy with holes in his hands and hits him in the knee with his stick, shattering it.

The oil-covered guy shoots at Antonio, wounding him. Antonio Legolas-surfs out of the car on top of the guy, getting damaged himself.

Jack uses a spell to set the oil on fire. We lug the two guys into the car and take off to the outskirts of town. The guys have flower petals on them. The big guy is in a coma and will probably die.

We interrogate the other guy. He says that they have his wife and child. The other guy is a mercenary. He was told to nab us, but not kill us. Shen uses a truth spell and the guy is being truthful. We drop the big guy in the river and head back to the city. We take the guy to the hospital.

We leave and Antonio is suddenly on fire. The petals are burning in his pocket. He gets rid of them.

We go home to clean up. At Jack’s house there is a package — the severed hand of the owner of the Italian Restaurant.

Session 1 – The Bellsover Breaks

Deep within the Spur Mountains there lies a narrow pass that leads from the stone fields of the Scar to the civilized realms of mankind. This mountain pass, called the “Chasm of Gorgamela” has forever been a migratory route for Giants, Orcs, Ogres and Trolls to travel along in search of bloodshed and plunder. Just over two hundred years ago the Dwarves of the Forgekingdoms and the men of the Krown Empire formed an alliance to prevent the humanoid tribes from raiding the south. Together they built a massive wall to block the chasm cut from nearby basalt stone. The Dwarves cast a massive bell of brass to be hung from the fortress that guarded the wall as a way to summon aid should the defenses fail. The bell was so well tuned it was said you could hear it ring over 300 miles away. Named “Bellsover Break” this fortress was so mighty it was deemed impregnable. Less than a year after its construction it was tested when a tribe of Hill Giants attempted to use the Chasm of Gorgamela to raid the southern lands. The Giants assaulted Bellsover Break for fourteen days and nights before retreating.

Bellsover Break was attacked almost yearly for a decade before the humanoids of the barren lands of the Scar realized the Chasm of Gorgamela was now impassable. This forced these blood thirsty creatures to use other ravines and passes through the Spur Mountains in search of plunder. Many of these routes are prone to rock slides and avalanches. Others are terribly narrow and treacherous. All of these alternative passages limit the movement of large groups. The Krown Empire and the Dwarven Forgekingdoms could finally enjoy peace and prosperity.

In the Common Year 2751, 36 years after the construction of Bellsover Break the fortress was placed under control of the mercenary armies of the newly formed Shieldhood. The Shieldhood is a collection of independent free-companies who dwell together in a city-state located in the eastern edge of the Spur Mountains. The Shieldhood boasts a population of roughly 13,000 inhabitants. Not all who dwell within the fortified city-state are sell swords; the Shieldhood has many who act as support staff for the mercenaries including scribes, carpenters, surveyors, cooks, smiths, whores, merchants and barber surgeons. Leading the city-state is the “War Captain”; all mercenary companies pay allegiance and swear a blood oath to the War Captain but are independently established and governed. Not only is the defense of the Shieldhood itself considering part of the duties the free- companies share but also the maintenance of several forts and guard posts. Bellsover Break is one of these locations.

You are members of the Bronze Dogs a small to mid-sized mercenary free-company established two decades ago by Exarch (equal to a Colonel) Lubomir Gizela. Lubomir was born the son of common farmer in village of Bulnik during the conquest of the Eastern Kingdom of the Krown Empire by the Sons of Samalin. When Bulnik was conquered Lubomir became a member of the resistance and fought in the city of Pelshuh during the occupation. After the Eastern Kingdom was liberated from the Sons of Samalin Lubomir became a soldier and later served in the army as an officer. When Lubomir left the service he gathered together a small but elite force of combatants for special assignments. He named them the Bronze Dogs.

Lubomir Gizela is in his late forties with a head of dark hair, dark eyes and a full beard. He walks with a noticeable limp having been injured during the liberation of the city of Pelshuh.

After the war to free the Eastern Kingdom a large number of professional soldier were left unemployed. Lubomir’s goal was to create a small specialized free-company. First he looked for men and women with experience. He hand-picked those who he believed would follow orders and perform their duties with a high degree of professionalism. Lubomir wanted no contention to his rules. No looting unless instructed, no rapine and no chance of mutiny. Next Lubomir looked for highly trained specialists, those skilled in living off the land, talented masters of stealth, urban combatants and those skilled in the mystical arts. During his time as a soldier Lubomir had first hand witnessed the failure of many armies and it was his desire to avoid these pit falls. He wanted a company of talented specialists who could avoid such disasters by the merit of their individual skill sets. Lastly he wanted to make his policies clear to both his mercenaries and those patrons they would serve. Lubomir Gizela wrote up a series of articles of the free-company to be signed by all members from support staff to mercenaries. Failure or breeches in the articles carried the sentence of death by execution.

Lubomir’s first member of the Bronze Dogs was a longtime friend. Sir Audwine Sterz was the bastard of a count from the Northern Kingdom of the Krown Empire. Raised as a knight but unable to inherit any lands Sterz was forced to seek riches elsewhere. Serving as the second in command of a free-company was Audwine Sterz’s path to a life of leisure. A master of tactics Sterz was an excellent addition to the company and serves as the Archon of the Bronze Dogs. Of average height and thickly built Sterz is well known as a talented fighter in hand to hand combat as well as skillful rider. At 60 years of age the silver haired Archon (equal to a Major) maybe be considered past his prime although none would say it to his face.

What the Bronze Dogs do that makes them unique is that they fulfill the roles few free-companies do. While the Bronze Dogs have engaged in open conflict it is not the free-companies forte. The Bronze Dogs often guard supply lines and baggage trains. They act as an unofficial police force in conquered areas preventing pillaging by rival mercenaries and displaced members of local populace. The Bronze Dogs breaks up riots and rebellions for local rulers. They actively hunt down roving groups of bandits raiding the villages or farmsteads. The Bronze Dogs excel in scouting territories and in forging the countryside for supplies. As Lubomir has proudly stated to his employers the Bronze Dogs free-company can do more with less.

The Bronze Dogs number under two hundred members including support staff. To date you have never been defeated!

In between contracts the Bronze Dogs reside in the fortified city-state of the Shieldhood. They dwell in what is commonly referred to as a “Soul”; a compound that includes barracks, stables, and a small training field. Life in the Shieldhood is easy, most mercenaries spend their time training, drinking, gambling and whoring in what is considered a soldiers paradise. In the spring many free-companies leave the city-state to fulfil contracts of service in various foreign nations. Most return to the Shieldhood in the winter before the snow makes the roads impassable and wait for spring and their next contract.

The early spring assignment

The Bronze Dogs have been selected by the War Captain of the Shieldhood to defend Bellsover Break for a period of 4 months before being relieved by another free company known as the Sorrowful Companions. This is a common assignment and the Bronze Dogs have done this task before. Archon Audwine Sterz is the acting leader of this force. Each member of the Bronze Dogs is asked to blindly select a stone from a bag. Those who draw forth a black stone are given duty at Bellsover Break. You have drawn forth a black stone. You and your fellows leave the Shieldhood and travel three days to the famous fortress.

Session 4 – Per Ankh

We finish getting equipment and then Jack goes to purchase a gun at an island near the Bronx. He gets a Colt 1911.

We meet up with Antonio and share that we got a letter with PER-ANKH on it. Jack looks at it again and is able to track the Egyptian couple. They are in the temple.

We go to the temple and the couple is there. They welcome us, and say we were expected. The woman explains that the cult of Per-Ankh has been around for thousands of years. They need our help to get Set — the god of Chaos — to do his job. It is because he abandoned his post that this chaos is occurring. The work of Apep.

The woman tells Jack her name as a “price” for believing him.

The man warns of Nurugu, the god of chaos helping Apep. Beware of serpents and pale foxes.

Nurugu is looking for his sister, who is safe hiding with another god.

We must first seek the jewel where the sister is hiding. It is a cosmic egg. The Trill family had it last.

The woman gives us a magic piece of paper that we can use to contact her instantly at any time.

Session 1 – The Shopkeeper

Four friends — a wizard (Daladium), an Elf (Voran), a girl in armor with a spear (Elysant the Brave), and a Halfling (Swiftmark) are walking through their town in the market square when they hear a Dwarf shopkeeper complain that an Elf stole from him.

The Elf says that he’s done nothing wrong and tries to leave. The friends get involved and speak to the Elf. They see that it was really the Dwarf that was trying to cheat the Elf, so they confront him.

The Dwarf has some lackeys attack the friends, but they defeat them and Voran’s wolf pet bites the shop keeper in the butt!

They take the Dwarves off to jail, and the town is thankful for their heroism.

Session 3 – Ta Ambua

Antonio visits the address on the card and it is a brown brick building. He opens the front door and it opens to an outdoor scene. He goes to the back and there is none!

We all go inside. It is raining here and we are getting soaked. On the door handle it says SIMBA RAS. None of us can decipher it.

We see something in the distance. Shen recognizes it as a temple where the early sorcerers would go to the afterlife. It is a sandstone “lost city” with pillars, etc. TA AMBUA. The landscape is getting more sandy.

The big door at the front is shattered. There is a scorch mark. When Shen touches it, he feels the presence of the Devil.

We go down the stairs, and they go on forever. Jack scrapes the wall and sees that we are not really moving. We are clearly under a spell. Jack pushes the spell back and we get down to the ground.

We run into a lecturn made out of stone. Nearby there are twelve prayer mats. There is one sarcophagus here with one small male in prayer. There are etchings in the ground that go outside. We should watch this place and bring shovels next time.