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Session 4 – The Undergrounders

We research more about the Undergrounders before embark down to their domain. They are numerous — no one knows how many there are. They are refugees from the Visori.

Dr. Ashur creates a device that can shrink the power source. He makes it the size of a cell phone so they can easily take it with them.

The group opens up a nearby manhole and climbs down to try and find the Undergrounder domain. We wander for quite a while and when we’ve gone a fair distance, we hear a noise and stop. Looking around, we see a bunch of men in dirty clothes hiding behind some stalagtites. One of them has a gun.

Dr. Ashur uses his mind control to take over the man with the gun, whose name is Carl. He forces the man to lower his weapon and give him information. We ask them if they know where the device is, and they say that their leader may know. Her name is Valerie.

They lead us to an underground city that is a shantytown. We go to the “nicest” shanty and meet Valerie. She is the woman we saved in the first session. She says that she may know where the device may be, but there are probably Grogs (alien crocodile-dog hybrids specifically bred to kill Undergrounders). She offers to come with us and brings several men.

We get to an area with several dead Grogs, and hear something up ahead. Dr. Ashur starts to send Carl (the controlled Undergrounder) up to see what is there, but Abaddon says that’s not a good idea. 080 goes instead, and see that there is a huge robot in the room, with scythes for hands. 080 says “Oh, nice to see a fellow robot!”

The others come in and begin to attack the robot. After a while we are able to deactivate it. Dr. Ashur reprograms it and uses his shrink ray to make it the size of an action figure so he can take it with him.

We search the laboratory and we only find some booze stashed away. The computers do not have any interesting information that we can see.

Abaddon takes the elevator up and there is something blocking the way once the door opens. It is a grandfather clock. He pushed it open and sees that this is an antique store. This must be The Terran’s hideout.

We plug the tiny power converter in and it creates a small beam that goes through the ceiling and out to the sky.

Session 3 – The Device

We have a pre-recorded mession on our comlinks from Dr. Destruction: “The info you brought me says tht there is a power source underneath the city that the Visori haven’t found out about. The Terran created it, and the Undergrounders (beneath the city) know its location). You will need to take a heavy piece of equipment to go along with us to make use of the power source.”

Dr. Ashur takes a look at the piece of equipment that was left for us, and sees that it will collect energy and fire it off as a concentrated stream. He tries to reverse-engineer it, but is not able to.

Session 2 – The Lair

We go to a warehouse in South Point which is our group’s base of operations. It is a crummy building in a crummy part of town.

This area was a large-scale social program where non-violent offenders were released, so there is a lot a drug trade in the area. A drug called EZ showed up here after the Visori invaded. Its side effects varied based on the biology on the person. Some people became very aggressive and violent, and many of these peple gathered in a group called The Dregs. There is another gang called the South Point Slashers who are supported by the VIsori, so they are running around with alient weapons. Finally The Family is here, essentially the mafia. The only positive thing is that the Visori don’t come here much, as it is pretty overrun by the gangs.

Dr. Destructo has set up the warehouse to have basic amenities.

Session 1 – Welcome to Omega

Sometime in the last two days, the aliens slapped us in chains. We were all independently captured. We were put on a transport going downtown, probably to a transport to space to be dissected.

Roland is a well-educated man with glasses in his mid-30s, who doesn’t look like he has been outside the university. He looks sickly.

Abaddon has black plastic looking skin, sort of like an action figure in a black trench coat. There is no heat coming off of him — he is the same temperature as the vehicle we are in, which is strange.

Matt is an older gentleman with a nice suit. He has graying hair and is wearing gloves. Glints of metal can be seen on him.

080 is a silver looking android with green energy.  He does not appear to have any weapons.

The ship crashes and there is blood and smoke everywhere. The guards have all been killed, and there is a huge hole in the ship. Doctor Destruction, the most powerful super-villain in the world, asks us if we want to live. 080 asks who he is, and he is not amused.

DD asks us to be part of Omega, of which he is the leader. His minions place radio receivers on our nullifiers, and he opens the back hatch, making all of us fall out. He psychically tells us that if we agree to help him break out another super-villain named MindJack from a prison camp, he will free us. Begrudginly, we all agree and the radio recievers catch a signal that detonates the nullifiers, setting us free. Abaddon immediately teleports back to the transport, then teleports to the ground. The rest of us hit the ground on a tin roof, not softly but we are not hurt. Roland has turned into a giant snarling wolf. The rest of us look at him in terror and disgust.

Everyone is a bit dazed, but we jump down and start on our “mission”. As we descend there are a group of Drones, faceless automatons with rifles on their arms and claws. They move to attack us, and we take them all out. 080 gets hit, and after the battle gets up and says an expletive loudly.

Abaddon dissolves the door to the building and 080 walks in. He tells the guards that he requires one of their prisoners and that no violence is necessary, but immediately discharges a shock attack that takes three of them out. Matt mind controls the last one, and has him shoot himself in the head. We see MindJack in one of the cells and a woman named Valerie calls out and asks us to free her, saying that she has resistance ties. 

Roland (as Fenrir) bursts into the room and begins tearing into the prisoners. Matt mind controls him to stop and we all head outside. We decide to bring Valreie with us.

Dr. Destruction’s ship descends and picks us up. He says that we did better than he expected, and we are part of Omega now. He tells us that we should come up with a team name, and gives us a box with wrist communicators for all of us. He takes off with MindJack and Valerie.

Session 9 – The Goop

A short while later on the way to Beloit, we stop for the evening in a house that Cody found, that seems to be in good shape. During the first watch, however, Ian suddenly feels a strange goopy substance dripping onto his head. Soon it is completely covering him and it is burning him terribly.

The rest of the group wakes up and tries to get it off of him with little success. The goop seems to dodge any physical attacks, moving itself out of the way, and water has no effect.

Ian falls to the floor and thrashes around, amazingly getting away from it. At the same time, Dusty hits it with a lit torch. After several minutes and a long battle, we finally kill it.

Ian grabs all of his stuff and goes outside, then beds down in a nearby abandoned car. Dusty and Cody search around in nearby homes for clothes, and are able to find some pants and a flannel shirt for Ian. Luckily his boots were untouched.

We sleep the rest of the night and then start looking around the town as soon as it is morning. We consult the map and head down toward the river to see if there are any caves.

Cody and Dusty check out the cave, and Alex follows. It’s clear that something was here, but it is completely cleared out now. There is no trace of anything.

We head out, and suddenly we see that Ian is being held up by several people with guns. They tell us to drop our weapons, and we comply.

Session 8 – Sleeping with the Alien

Alex relates his tale:

“I have existed on this planet for 137 days, however my species and my race is millions or billions of years old. Our planet was dying; our resources were used up, so my species built an ark. We couldn’t actually put all of the life forms on the space ship, however we could put their genetic sequences in stasis. So, the ‘fire hydrant’ we came across is one of these containers that has these samples. The people who found it were able to open it and get infected, which is why they were sick.

I was a scientist on the planet and did not go on the ship, but my genetic material did. The ship was looking for an arid planet like ours, and it would first reconstruct our scientists (like me) to help restart the species. That was the original plan.

I don’t know exactly what happened, but I’ve been able to guess that for whatever reason, our spaceship crashed on your planet about the time of the solar flare, which means that the flare probably caused us to crash.

So, whatever it was, something caused us to crash here, but this is not where we want to be, since it is far too humid. Whatever caused us to crash also broke our technology — my pod was supposed to be functional days after we landed, but it has been several years.

There could be another one of my race near Beloit, according to the research that Simon did.

Some of the other things on your planet, like the seekers, are unfamiliar to you but is familiar ot me. The seekers are smaller on our world and live in the desert. The ‘blue’ is something that we created to amplify our psychic power, and is a beneficial parasite. But here it has mutated to combine with the original virus and made something else. I was able to fight off the infection myself, but it took some time.

I was not able to find any others of my race, so this report near Beloit is the only other lead I have for another survivor. That being the case, we should find this other Purana. This is what we call ourselves.

Both of our races are clearly in danger, and I hope that we can work together to save us all.

As technology goes, I have no power source left, as the last of it was used up to heal Cody. It could have lasted for years keeping my hologram up, but it is now gone. I can protect myself and do some healing, but I don’t have much offensive capability.

When I awoke I found some books in a nearby structure and began to learn and observe your species. I spent the first 50 of your solar cycles trying to remain hidden and watching you. I tried copying weapons from books and things I saw, but I abhor violence so this does not come naturally to me.”

We stay the night here. The next morning, we decide to first help Alex to camouflage his stuff, and then we are going to head down to the Beloit area, but first we need to get back to the compound to re-supply.

We get back to the compound and Alex goes undetected back to his room to pick things up. The rest of us gear up. Cody gets Alex a shotgun, but since he has never used one before, he needs some training.

Alex is trying to create a way to track the alien metal, to make finding the other Purana easier, but it is slow going. Dusty attempts to train his pet wolf to track it, as well.These efforts are slow, so we have them continue as we travel.

We stay off of the beaten path, and make 20 miles in the first day by going west on Hwy 100 and then working our way south.

The next morning we head out and try to make it as far as Muskego. We find part of a portable radio. That evening, Alex is able to make a rudimentary alien metal detector.

The next night, we are able to find a garage in the side of a hill, which is secure and also nice and cool.

During day 3, Cody notices the glint of a gun up on a hill pointing down on us. He tries to roll off to the side and hide, but they fire on him and he is hit. He raises up his gun and fires, taking the guy out.

After we take one more out, there are a few more shots and then everything suddenly goes quiet. After a few minutes, we go up and search their bodies. The others seem to have run off. We find two .22 rifles and a total of 27 rounds of ammunition, as well as a canteen and a knife.

We calm the horses down and gather ourselves, then get a move on.

Session 7 – The Falls

Since we have found the items we needed and are exhausted and hurt from the battle with the Blues, we decide that we’ll need a spot to hunker down and get some rest for a while. Dusty remembers that there  is a place further west on Bluemound that may be a good spot for us.

We arrive at our destination, an apartment building complex, and start to unpack our belongings to get ready for the evening. Cody sets up his tent on top of the building and a few of us sleep there in case someone is in the building. After we are unpacked, Cody says that he is tired and will be turning in early, and asks the others to take an extra watch.

In the morning we notice that Cody and Alex are moving a bit more slowly than normal. Dusty asks Alex what is going on, and he says that it has been a hard trip but he’ll be okay. Cody is sticking closer to the group than normal as well.

We are able to get to the library by the end of the day, and we don’t get jumped by anything. On the way, however, Dusty notices that Alex has some strange green spots on his skin. The spots seem to be blurry or fading in and out. Simon doesn’t notice at all. The library staff notices it right away and freaks out a bit, but he explains it away as an allergic reaction. They are also alarmed to see a tiger, bear and wolf with us, so Ned keeps the tiger and the bear outside.

Simon offers to help research Alex’s condition, and he agrees and asks him to also look into the strange artifact we found. Cody helps out and it seems like people are finding other metallic items with strange markings. They have made recordings of the markings and they don’t seem to be like anything we’ve seen before.

Ned attempts to retrain the tiger, as this is the same tiger that he trained for a while when it was a cub. Surprisingly the tiger quickly starts to regain some of the familiarity with commands even though it’s been quite a while since it was trained and it has been cooped up and scared.

Steven Riggenback is our contact at the library.

Simon finds a passage in one journal regarding finding a den somewhere near Beloit that contained a strange metal tube (with working lights on it), and inside they believed it to be an alien. Before they could explore it much, small robots appeared and drove them off. Simon researches more accounts from the Beloit  area to see if any other info can be gleaned.

The next morning, Cody takes Simon aside and tells him that he must have been bitten in the recent battle, because his skin is turning blue. He shows Simon his arm and it is already badly infected. Simon says that he will do some more research quickly and then we should get going to the compound to see if the artifact can help to heal Cody.

During his research, Simon begins charting the location of all of these strange reports to see if there is a nexus of alien technology.

As we are heading out, Alex says that we need to head northwest to Menomonee  Falls to find some more alien technology. He believes that something is there that could heal Cody, and he has researched and thinks he knows how to operate it. He declines to say how he knows that it is there; Simon asks “Did the aliens tell you it was there?” and he sarcastically (or not) says that they did.

On our way to Falls, we are jumped by a group of giant feral wolves. One of them falls right in front of Simon and he shoots it in the gut, killing it. Before we can make further attacks however, automatic fire showers the area and all of the wolves lie dead at our feet.

We see a group of men surrounding us and prepare to surrender, but they seem to be friendly. Cody runs up and embraces one of them…they are apparently members of his old group and are very well armed. They are currently camped at Lapham Peak and are coming downtown to trade.

Cody explains that he rolled with them after the event but there were disagreements so he split off.

We continue on and reach the Falls in the evening. Alex takes us into the sewer and there is alien tech everywhere. Simon asks how he knew these things were here, and Alex explains that he is an alien. He presses a button and shimmers, revealing two extra arms and pitch black eyes. Simon is super excited, saying that he has read sci-fi since he was young and that this is the greatest day of his life.

Everyone has questions, but for now we need to concentrate on saving Cody. Alex is able to activate the machine to heal him, but he needs to use his chameleon device to do it, which means he will not be able to use it again.

He starts to explain, saying that our races need to work together if we are to survive…

Session 6 – Tiger Trap

We pack up our things and travel to Timmerman Airport, to a large locked hangar. After almost killing himself climbing up on the roof, Cody breaks in and lets the rest of us in. We see two pristine propellor planes. We get fire extinguishers from the planes and check the fuel levels — there is fuel, but it is low. Since the planes have never been raided, there are a lot of sundries here and 16 gallons of oil in a 30-gallon drum. Since it is so heavy, we’ll have to come back another time for the oil. We stay the night here.

Traveling through the next day, we stop at an office building near Bluemound Road that seems not to have been raided yet either. We break into a door off of the loading bay and check it out. We find a travel iron in its case. Venturing into the next room of the building, Ian and Simon hear a growl. Thinking that it’s a Blue, Simon tells everyone to get out and they do, except for Cody who stays frozen. He asks Ned and Dusty to come in, and they do, cautiously. They see that a large tiger is trapped in the building. Ned goes in and tries to calm it down. As he is doing this, Cody is searching the room and finds a gun rack attached to the wall. After breaking the lock on the rack, he sees that one of them is salvageable but needs some work. He also finds a safe in the wall nearby, but he can’t break the lock.

In the next room, Alex finds a file cabinet with the schematics for the warehouse, and Cody looks and finds the location of the things we need. We venture into the warehouse and look for the correct row. Ned still is working with the tiger.

Ahead in the warehouse Ian and Cody see a sinkhole in the floor near where they have to go, and walk around it. As they approach, a bunch of Blues and spiders appear from the sinkhole, crawling up from underground. They begin attacking and Cody jumps to fight them.


The fight is joined, and suddenly Alex makes an inhuman sound and all of the enemies freeze. We start taking them down but they are encroaching on us, so we disengage and run outside. Cody attempts to climb up one of the shelves. Luckily, the Blues follow us outside and we are able to pick them off one at a time.

Now that they are taken care of, we search the warehouse for more supplies.

Session 4 – Family Matters

This is the third or fourth swap meet, and there are more people here than before.

Towards the gate we are hearing a commotion. Ian gets a strange look on his face and asks everyone to come with him, except for Simon and Dusty who he asks to stay and watch the cart.

Ian heads up towards the cart and they are trying to kick someone off, saying that they are “infected”. The bear helps clear people out of the way.

Ian is positive that the woman is his wife, but she is unconscious and has a strange scar on her forehead. They ask Ian who he is, and he says that the woman is his wife and was killed two years ago.

They say that can’t be the case, because her name is Fiona. Ian shows them the pictures of the two of them together and of their son, Travis. The man says that they found her washed up on the lake shore, unconscious, and helped her out. Ian asks what is wrong with her now, and the man tells him quietly that she was bitten by a Blue.

Alexander gives her a sedative and she seems to be resting more comfortably.

The officials, carrying large guns, tell the crowd to disperse and go about their business. They ask what is going on, and Ian asks if they have a doctor who could look at her. They agree, for a price, and send for him.

We take her away from the commotion and speak to the people. They are apparently the people who were calling for help on our way here and we didn’t stop to assist them. Alexander says that she is not infected, but they say that’s impossible because she was definitely bitten.

The officials say that Alexandra has to go into a jail cell since she was bitten. Ian agrees, but says that he will go in with her. He asks Simon to be in charge of trading things for the group.

We look through several booths and see quite a lot of stuff, including some submachine gun rounds but no guns.

Cody sees that one of the vendors is someone he knows, named Daisy. She has about a dozen 50 caliber rounds that they found at a military base, but there is no gun to use them with.

We are looking to trade our 12 batteries and a generator for some stuff. We trade 2 of the batteries and Cody’s brass knuckles. We trade 3 more for a 5 pound container of liquid propane, 2 quarts of motor oil, and a baseball bat taken by Dusty.

Another vendor has a few uninteresting items but Cody asks if he has anything behind the counter. He does, and it ends up being a 50 caliber machine gun. We trade the generator for the gun, and give him a battery to bribe him to say he never sold it to us. He says to come back anytime and ask for him. He introduces himself to us as Hugo Altimas, and says to come back anytime.

We spent 2 more batteries on a chainsaw, a pair of boots, and 15 rifle rounds.

Another 2 batteries gets us a music box, Irish whiskey, binoculars, and a can of tennis balls.

Back in the cell, Ian’s wife wakes up and suddenly remembers Ian, making the situation very awkward. She explains that she fled the encampment during the attack and was shot and fell in the lake. She also reveals that she was pregnant during the attack and now has a daughter who is his, named Brianna. Ian offers to take in all of them, including Alexandra’s friends.

The doctor says that she is completely fine, and is really astonished. He asks to draw some blood and she agrees.

The rest of the group comes back to see Ian and Simon sees Alexandra for the first time, and is astonished. Ian explains the situation to the group and Alexandra introduces her companions, Adele Hazelwood, Larry Cifuentes, and Paul Woods.

Ian says that we will head out to pick up Alexandra’s two other companions Isabella and Damian, and Ian’s daughter, along with some other supplies on the way back to the settlement.

We decide to stay the night before we head out. Around the campfire the leader of the settlement, a man covered with tattoos, discusses what’s going on with us. He, Ian and Cody start talking about how we can help one another with things like trade routes, safe zones, communication, and protection from the Seekers.

Communication will be the first plan; we will start with animal trainers and birds, and then afterwards set up some wired or wireless communications. We will meet in one month to discuss further, at 175 and North Avenue.

Session 3 – Wolf Leash

We continue on toward downtown but suddenly hear Seekers in the area, huge monsters with tentacles. Alexander says that they are attracted to electricity. We find a place to hide in a 12×12 container. There is a door; Ian opens it and is immediately grabbed by a humanoid creature with fur and tusks.


We fight the creatures off but can’t leave, as we still still hear the Seekers off in the distance. The room has a horrible smell, but there is some salvage here as it looks like this place . We find a 9mm pistol, a journal, a police baton, a dog’s leash, some disposable razors, a mountain bike and some sort of strange black fire hydrant.

Cody reads the journal and it contains a lot of gibberish, but at one time the author seems to have been human. It describes their descent into mutation and madness, and it all seems to have been caused by the fire hydrant over the course of a month or so.

Alexander tries to figure it out by pressing a few buttons, and it lights up and opens, and a small container emerges. We determine that it would be too dangerous so he figures out how to close it and we will take it with us.

In the morning, we check for baddies again and head out. Later that day we finally get to the swap meet.

The meet is at 72nd and Ryan Road at and old prison, and it is a little surprising because we’ve never seen this many people in one place in a while. There are men manning huge machine guns, defending the place. It seems like they have food everywhere.

Ian thinks that he sees his wife in the crowd, and goes to the gate to check.

Session 2 – Bridges

We find out about a regular swap meet at 68th Street and Ryan Road, near the old prison, where we can trade about 20 miles from the town, and we have an inkling to visit and barter some things.

Our chemist, Alexander, has been making some batteries that we want to trade. Unfortunately they are several times the size of batteries from a few years ago and not as powerful.

We are concerned about how to transport the batteries, since they are almost 300 pounds all together. We procure a wagon and some horses to take us to the swap meet, and begin the long trip down.

We go east to cross the Milwaukee river, but we’ve heard that there are such things as coyotes, other wild animals and also abnormal things like giant ants or blue zombies in the city. The “blues” eat animals and humans alike.

We cross the river at Locust, and as Cody goes across he sees a glint of something in the distance. He stops the group and takes a look with the scope on his rifle. It looks to him like an emergency vehicle halfway down the ravine under the bridge.

We lower Cody down tied to a rope and he makes it to the vehicle, which turns out to be a Bell Ambulance, but he can’t open it because of the rusty doors and all of the debris.

Dusty climbs down the rope to help but almost falls and hurts himself. After a few minutes they gain entry but don’t find much; some medkits and metal tools. We extract them and then head out.

We stay overnight nearby and have an uneventful evening, then head south on 6th Street. At around 9am, as we are passing Highland and the MATC, we hear a call for help. Though others are running to assist, we decide that it is too dangerous (and possibly a trap) so we move on.

Session 1 – The Spiders

A group of kids runs into town and one of them is screaming incoherently, saying that one of the other children, Roger, was taken. Ian asks who took him, and after she calms down she says that a spider took him.

Cody takes off on his mountain bike to see what is going on, and finds some huge indentations at regular intervals in the ground. He returns back to the Settlement and lets the rest of us know what he saw.

We organize a party, and Roger’s father wants to come with us. We convince him to stay since he isn’t much good in a fight.

The rest of us search for where the tracks lead, and eventually come upon a small five foot by five foot wide cave entrance where the tracks disappear into.

Heading into the cave, it opens up and is quite a bit larger inside. We are seeing some movement ahead of us in the dark and strange sounds. Toward the back we see the shape of a giant ant. Ned sends his bear over to attack it, and with one powerful strike it tears into the ant’s face, killing it instantly.

We hear more sounds and suddenly several more ants appear, attacking us savagely.


We unload several shots at the ants, which echo like cannon blasts in the small cave.

Dusty is pinned down by an ant and is being attacked, and we open fire to try and clear them off of him. He is terrified of all the noise but manages to hold it together.

After escaping from the ant, Dusty swings at one with his aluminum bat and it bends in half.

We hear more ants coming and behind them, and suddenly the huge shape of the queen, wings and all, come behind them. We begin to beat a hasty retreat.


As we exit the cavern, the ants follow us in a huge swarm. From above us we hear a buzzing sound, and a cloud of dragonflies descends on the ants and tears them apart.

Shocked, we regroup and bind those with wounds. Ian says that we should take care of the queen now that her drones have been decimated.

We venture back inside and go further into the cavern, seeing a dead deer and what appears to be the remains of a small black boy, which sadly must be Roger.

Coming upon a cave to our right, we hear more noises from here and round the corner to see the queen and several of her drones. Simon dumps an entire flask of oil in front of him to trap them in as we attack.

Ned’s bear is hit with poison and perishes.

Before Simon can light the oil, the queen flies over him into the hallway and attacks the group. Ian pulls his Peacemaker and shoots her in the head, but she doesn’t die.

Simon finally lights the fire and it engulfs the three ants in the flames, but they are not heavily damaged.

Alexander finally rushes in and stabs the queen with his spear, and we take care of the other drones.

Simon searches the area and finds a skeleton holding a .22 rifle that looks new, and also a pair of binoculars that is also in great shape.

Ian finds Roger’s corpse and prepares to take him back to the town.

We find at least 18 eggs, and Cody smashes them.

We also find a bundle of roofing shingles, some motor oil, a candle, a metal music box, a full bottle of gin, four MREs in a backpack, as well as a Sprite can with a hole in it.

Dusty asks Simon for the music box, but he declines and takes it for himself.

Session 5 – Venus

The Wardens send us to Flare City colony at the Wind House Hotel & Resort. It is located inside of a mountain, and is one of the few places where the surface of the planet can be seen. We go off and do different activities, since everything is complimentary to us, but one evening we get together to have dinner.

At dinner, a woman approaches the table and introduces us as Julie Stern, the corporate liaison for the Venusian Advisory Board. She hands us business cards. She says that we were recommended by the local Warden office, and that she needs us to look into a man by the name of Hector Valdez. He is listed as a mid-level manager at a company called Geo-Excavations. She believes that he is part of corporate espionage against Rare Earths Inc., another large corp on Venus. She wants this to be resolved so there is not out and out war between the two corps. She wants to go with Wardens instead of the local law enforcement because we are potentially more impartial.

Katya excuses herself to go to the restroom, and on the way checks the area to make sure we are not being watched. She can’t find anything.

Julie tells us that they will be getting a warrant to search Hector’s apartment. She says that mining rights have been fought over by the corps in the Cryst Rift Zone. Hector is trying to climb the corporate ladder by securing mining rights for his company, by whatever means necessary.

Dr. Reilly and Lyeland ask her for more information, and what is really going on. She says that she has no more information. We decide to visit the Warden office the next day, since it is late.

We visit the Warden office, and they verify that Julie came in to see them and she is legitimate. We gripe about it, but eventually agree to take the job.

Hector’s place in in a different settlement called Diamond Head, and we take a shuttle there. The trip is about one hour. The area that he lives in is a trendy location that has a lot of small shops. We plan to go up and search his place while he is at work, but he is out on his balcony so we decide to surveil him. After a short while another man comes to the door and begins manhandling Hector before closing the door after him. We go in hot, but before we can get to the room the whole thing explodes, blowing the windows and doors out. Most of us are knocked down, but Katya and Lyeland are not and see in the distance someone calmly walks away. This is probably our suspect.

We are picked up and taken back to the Warden office, and the fire department comes to take care of the scene.

Session 4 – Mariner of the Stars

We head back to our ship and gear up, then head back to Engineering. We decide to remove some of the oxygen so the passengers will pass out and be less agitated, and we can more easily identify the space monster.

After this we head back to the cargo hold, and check on the sarcophagus. We see that the seal has been broken and there is a trail of ectoplasm there.

Suddenly something attacks Katya from above. It seems to be the creature. She fires at it, and it tries to affect her mind and then Michael’s, but it is ineffective. Rusty takes a shot with his sniper rifle and hits it, but it is still alive. It grabs onto Michael and wraps its tentacles around his neck; Jeff is so scared that he starts laughing hysterically, and Rusty passes out.

Michael manages to get an arm free and slices the creature’s head off with his blade. Thomas runs up and stabs him for good measure.

We put the creature in the sarcophagus and begin cleaning up so the populous doesn’t find out about him.

We go back to the room where we locked Dr. Wells, but he has been bludgeoned by Carstinsen (before we found him in the Captain’s quarters). We find a blood spattered hijab, worn by Carstinson as he committed the murders and a journal written by Dr. Wells that talks about the seal being broken on the sarcophagus, and that he was afraid of the possibility of Carstinson killing his own wife.

Jeff copies all of the security tapes and wipes them from the ship’s system so word doesn’t get out. We turn the oxygen back on, fix the engines and take our leave back to Warden Prime.

Warden Prime is a huge space station compared to our home base, and it has everything including a ship repair yard, sensor arrays, computers and armories.

They take the sarcophagus containing the creature and the bodies of Carstinson and Dr. Wells. The people on the station take it up to Floor 23. Dr. Reilly asks exactly what is on Floor 23, and they tell us that no one is allowed to know that.

We have an audience with Capt. Dearborn, and he congratulates us on a successful mission. He says that our ship will be upgraded with higher tech and we will be going on shore leave at a resort on Venus.

Session 3 – Mariner of the Stars

Monica Gabrielli is the security chief that we will be working with on the Mariner of the Stars. She escorts us down to the engine room, and there are two security guards posted here. We go further down to the energy flow regulation system which is between two of the main transit drives.

After checking the scene, we are positive that he was struck from behind with a very heavy object, splattering his brains all over the place. The control unit was also struck, as there are cracking and dents on the machine.

Jeff sees from the computer that the the flow control went off at 1:32am Standard Earth Time. On the surveillance feed he sees a figure running wearing a dark cloak which obscures their characteristics.

Dr. Reilly checks the body and doesn’t find anything strange. Gabrielli tells us that Maria Mayamoto found the body, but was too emotionally unstable to give any information.

There is a UWC political delegation led by Rep. Helen Falk also on the ship, and they have taken an interest in the murder and keep badgering the captain and security personnel about it.

We speak to the cruise director, Petra Mendoza. Hardy, the man who was murdered, was pretty old school and called the Mariner “his ship.” He was regarded highly as one of the best engineers, but was short tempered and didn’t have much time for others. Hardy’s behavior has been strange of late — he was arguing with several people before launch. He was seen arguing with Dr. Sebastian Wells and also Helen Falk before launch. Petra Mendoza, the cruise director, may know more about Dr. Wells.

The ship was headed toward Saturn when it was sabotaged. Jeff checks out the damage to the engine and he sees that it would not be fixed easily — it will take time, but he can do it.

We head to the infirmary and Thomas asks Maria about what happened. She found out about the problem and woke up the head engineer from hypersleep. He was very grumpy and went to go fix the problem when he was murdered. A very large wrench which was used for opening a housing on the engine is missing — this was likely the murder weapon.

Then we head to Petra Mendoza’s office and ask her about Dr. Wells and Rep. Helen Falk. Hardy was getting along with Gunther Eichman — a politician from Saturn — Falk approached them and started an argument with them. She says that Hardy was having a conversation with a colleague of Dr. Wells — a research assistant named Nate Carkinson. Dr. Wells is part of a research team heading to Titan, and they were part of an archaeological study on Mars. We notice that when she mentions Miyamoto, her voice softens a bit. The last person she saw Hardy with was an actress named Zarina Bahar.

Mendoza says that Maria and Hardy were having an affair, and that she was far too good for him.

Thomas does background checks on all of the people on the ship. We decide to interview Gunther Eichman first. He says that Hardy’s brother Samuel is part of the Saturn delegation; there is a play to reduce tarriff’s so they can build an industrial facility on Rhea. Eichman says that he is opposed to an industrial yard being built since it is UWC encroaching on them. Hardy told Falk to piss off. We toss his apartment while he is being interviewed but we don’t find anything — he was signed in to his gravity couch during the time of the murder.

We interview Nate Carstinsen. He says that he went to live on Mars a few years ago with his wife, Mattie, and worked for Dr. Wells. He says that Wells had found information on an ancient manuscript that he thought would lead to the discovery of another race living on Mars before man. He says that he regrets taking the job, because he has since lost his wife. Wells found an alien burial chamber and inside, a large object with concentric circles inscribed on it. He thought it was like a sarcophagus, and his plan was to have it removed and studied at the University. They put it in their warehouse, and soon afterward strange occurrences began. Equipment was malfunctioning, and shortly Mattie passed away for unknown reasons. He says that the sarcophagus is on board, in the cargo hold. This is what Wells got into the argument with the Chief about, since Wells was asking for additional security around the sarcophagus. Hardy told him no, and Wells was furious. He is obsessed with it, and doesn’t eat or sleep, he just watches over it. Carstinen says that he was at the casino during the murder, but the cameras don’t see him. We also check his bank account and he did not go to the casino that day. Katya cold cocks him and then steps on his neck until he admits that he was down in the cargo hold…he has been trying to get the doctor away from the sarcophagus. However we check the feed on the cameras, and he wasn’t there either.

We head down to the cargo area and speak with Dr. Wells. He seems disoriented, but when we introduce ourselves as Wardens he responds with excitement, telling us all about his discovery in a manic fashion.

Dr. Wells, we’ve determined, is crazy. In interviewing him, Thomas recognizes the symptoms of a Nyphelous, otherwise known as a “night terror”. These things float through space until they detect a mind up to 10,000 miles away. Once they detect something, they fly towards it and control minds. They are telepathic and can search through memories for phobias and fears, driving them crazy and living off of the fear that they generate. Eventually once they are completely crazy, they feed off of the body. They can appear as other people, alter perceptions, coercion, etc. They however can only affect one mind at a time.

Now that we know what is going on, we decide to lock the doctor in the conference room. As we are doing this, we see on the security cameras that there is a riot going on on the promenade. Security Chief Gabrielli and Zarina Bahar are about to get swallowed by an angry mob.

We rush down to the promenade and save the two women and the security guards who weren’t already killed. We look out and we see Nate heading toward the Captain’s quarters, and assume that he was responsible for the murder. We catch up to him and Katya and Jeff shoot him and he drops the weapon that he was about to brain the Captain with. Just before Katya puts him down for good, he starts speaking in a cult dialect saying “The bringer of terror has awoken!”

We decide that we need to find this thing and kill it, so we head back down to the engineering department.

Session 2 – Veronica

Jeff fixes his suit and we head over to the other ship to see if we can open the door. With the device that we found, the door does open and we are able to search the ship. We find basic survival gear, some space suits and ammunition. Jeff swaps out his damaged space suit for a new one, though the new one is not armored.

Jeff checks out the operation of this ship and it seems operable. He accesses the logs and finds that this was not the original ship that was sent to check on the security of the base. This ship intercepted a communique from the base concerning a monolith they found in the mine, destroyed the Wesley Corp. ship and docked here.

The monolith is holding up the cavern roof inside the mine, and has strange markings on it. We decide to head into the mine to investigate.

We enter the warehouse and see several crumpled corpses laying around. One of them is wearing a backpack with a hose attached to it. Toward the back of the room we see a black creature about twice as big as a person, partially frozen to the back wall. Katya immediately fires a grenade launcher at the beast, and it wounds him.

The beast breaks free of the ice and starts shambling towards us. The rest of us take shots at him as well. As he moves in closer, Katya draws her chainswords and rushes the creature.

As the creature is occupied, Thomas runs into the mine and examines the monolith. There is strange writing on here that is consistent with other weird languages that have popped up recently. As soon as he does so, however, the creature turns around from where it was standing and runs at top speed into the monolith, missing Thomas by inches and cracking the monolith. The room shakes and rocks start raining down on him. We can’t see him anymore behind all of the rubble.

Dr. Reilly checks the Engineering and Supply areas of the base and we don’t find anything else. We gather what information we had and head back to the hangar. We take the equipment out of our shuttle and put it into the other shuttle, then take off toward Puck. Katya gives Dr. Reilly some of the gross monster chunks from her chainswords as samples.

We return to base and are debriefed by Captain Dearborn. He says that we should get some rest because our next mission is imminent, and it will be our first outing with our new ship, a Knight Errant class Corvette. We will be traveling to Warden Prime, with orbits Earth. Before he leaves, Dr. Reilly gives the monster samples to the lab for analysis.

We board the ship and enter cryo-sleep for the long journey. After we come up out of our cryo couches, our readouts show that it is 7:32 PM Earth time, but we have woken up 2 weeks early. We hear the female synthesized computer telling us that the ship has received a distress call and has automatically slowed the ship and changed course to intercept. We will be there in 13 minutes.

We suit up and prepare to board the other ship, then head to the bridge. The distress signal is coming from a ship called the Mariner of the Stars. It is a space cruise ship. We check the scanners and we see that there is power and life support on board, but the vessel is drifting.

Communications are opened between us and we speak with Captain Andre Martel. He says that there was an accident and the engines have been knocked out.

We are greeted by a young woman who says that she is in charge of security. Dr. Reilly stifles a guffaw upon seeing her. She leads us to the promenade area with all of the shops where we see patrons who are trying to enjoy themselves.

We make it to the bridge and meet the captain. He says that their drives have been sabotaged. They sent their engineering officer Miyamoto to check on things and she later reported that their engineering Chief Hardy had been murdered — bludgeoned to death. Their security forces have been overwhelmed. We ask to see the body, and he agrees, and says that the amenities of the ship will be available to us while we are working the case.

Session 1 – Veronica

We are a newly formed group of Wardens stationed on Puck, a moon of Uranus. The Warden base, Warden 5, is currently under construction. The closest existing stations are in the Kuiper Belt, Warden 4 (The Lighthouse) and Warden 2 (The Umbrella) orbiting Saturn.

Our team has been getting the lay of the land for the last couple of days. We are summoned by Captain Roland Deerborn to the briefing room. He is broadcasting from Warden Prime, stationed above Earth.

The Captain explains that though we just finished training, we have a situation that needs our attention Veronica Station (on the moon of Miranda, also orbiting Uranus). The ice mining colony sent out a broadcast which was a scream and some creature growling, and then nothing. We need to investigate.

We have a roster and schematics of the base, and will be taking an orbital shuttle (not our main ship) to check things out. There are 32 miners, 10 mechanics, 4 doctors, 3 administrators and 2 security officers. The commander on the base is John Levirit.

The team gears up and deploys. We take the shuttle to Miranda and descend into a deep canyon to reach the dock entrance. Strangely, there is a mist surrounding this area. Since it is a vacuum, we are at a loss as to why this can happen.

As we approach, we see that the docking bay doors have been left open. There is another ship in here, with the Wesley Corporation logo on the side. The ship seems fully functional but there are no hot spots where living things may be.

Jeff manages to hack into the base’s security cameras, and he sees that the supply area, engineering and the packing area do not have functioning cameras. The rest of the areas show piles of bodies, but no living beings.

He also finds communications that were attempted to be sent out from the last 18 hours, more recently than the 3 days that the Warden Captain told us. There are also video recordings of the security detail arriving 13 hours ago. There is grainy video showing the people in the base going about their business. Without any warning or alarm, objects are being thrown around and people being hurled into walls so hard that they are killed instantly. We see a black blur on the film that is darting between the people and tossing them around. There seems to be only one of them in the base.

The second recording is of the security shuttle landing. The team of 8 mercs pile off of the ship and set up a defensive perimeter around a single person who is not wearing combat armor. That person is taking some readings using an unknown device. They are moving toward the mine entrance, near where the three video feeds are out. As the video continues, we see them enter a set of doors and the feed goes out, but a few minutes later the person with the scanning device and two of the mercenaries run out of that area, and they run to the docking bay but we are not sure by the video if they made it out.

Dr. Reilly consults his information on creatures to try and determine what the assailant is, but to no avail.

We determine that the life support and gravity are all intact in the station, so we disembark and start looking around. We take a look at a fallen set of armor and it appears to be a highly advanced set of armor. His helmet seems to have been smashed in by severe blunt force trauma. Dr. Reilly checks the damage and takes samples.

Jeff tries to open the door of the shuttle but to no avail; it seems to be the most complicated door lock known to man. Also, strangely the Wesley Corp logo seems to be recently attached. This is perhaps a mercenary vessel.

We head into the base and just see bodies lying everywhere. On the security feed of our ship, we see the same person with the scanning device approaching our ship. He plants a device on our ship and enters. We race back to the ship and have to hack our way in. Katya runs to the cockpit and sees the man at the helm. She puts him in a headlock but he cackles wildly and throws down a grenade. Jeff is caught in the blast and takes some damage.

Cattle Call, Session 5

Bo goes to the ranch and gets a job as a groundskeeper. He looks around the grounds and sees a pool, a hedge maze, and a tent set up for the ball that will be held in a few days. He now has a pass to get in to the grounds whenever he wants.

Eli finds out which caterer they are using for the event. Adelle, Leafwalker and Blake all get a job with the catering company; Adelle as a server, and the guys as loaders & unloaders.

Eli finds a book in the library, written in the twenties, that references a book with magical properties that the South gained during the Civil War that allowed them to win battles, including at Antietam, despite their lesser supplies and manpower. The book was originally from the ancient Aztecs or Mayans, and was later lost by the South.

Eli goes to visit Glen Maclanahan, the religious studies professor at the University. He recalls studying about a book of Dark Secrets. He heard rumors that it has resurfaced since the Civil War, but he does not know where it is.

Leafwalker goes to talk with Manny about the rift between Jerry McGovern and the Mayor. He says that the Mayor is more measured and is taking his time planning, whereas Jerry is a hothead and says that they should secede from the rest of the US right now. He does not have an idea where the book is. The charity ball is just a business meeting that is under the cover of a charity event.

We find out from Manny that during these types of events, usually there is a dinner and then all the doors to the dining room are closed during the meeting.

Leafwalker thinks about what we could use to disrupt the party; he decided that he will put hallucinogenic mushrooms in everyone’s food. Homer floats the idea of using Ex-lax to further complicate things.

We get our supplies together including Ex-lax and hallucinogenic mushrooms. Leafwalker cuts up the mushrooms and smuggles them into the caterer’s truck to be added later. Homer is dropped off and sneaks through the golf course to the hedge maze.

The event starts and everybody eats, except we notice that Jerry is not present. Later the dining room is closed and everyone told to get out. Everyone does seem to be starting to feel the effects of the drugs and laxatives, but no one has left yet. Homer walks up to the tennis courts.  Suddenly Jerry pulls up with three of his friends, and they walk in intimidatingly. Homer cuts the fuel line on their car and then goes into the kitchen with the rest of the group.

The Mayor says that he doesn’t want any trouble, but Jerry is approaching and being verbally abusive. The Mayor pulls out the book from underneath his podium and plunks it on the table. He summons a huge demon who crashes through the wall. Blake is horrified and runs out of the building.

Homer and Adelle run out of the kitchen around the dining room to get behind the mayor. Bo takes a couple of shots at him and he shoots back but misses. Bo drops him and the demon seems to be paralyzed briefly, but then continues attacking Jerry. Adelle knocks down one of his fleeing friends.

Jerry attacks him but to no avail, and the demon takes his head off. Bo hands the book to Leafwalker, dusts his prints off of the gun and puts it in Jerry’s dead hand (and fires off a shot so he has powder residue on him). He books it away from the demon before it kills him. As we leave, we see the demon rend apart the Mayor.

We escape successfully and make it back to our dorm. We immediately take the book to the Witch, and she already seems like she knows something has happened. She asks us and we tell her that the Mayor summoned a demon with the evil book. She says that we must destroy the book, and we can help her.

In the ceremony, she begins chanting and sprinkles some powder on it. Then she strikes some flint and steel on it, and a strange blue flame starts on it and it shrinks away. When the fire finally burns out, the book is gone.

The next day, the paper says that the Mayor and three other people were mauled by a bear, and many people at the event were exposed to a hallucinogen that caused them to think it was a huge demon. The caterer is being questioned about it.

The Militia is investigated, although it is by the somewhat corrupt sheriff. However the racist elements of the city now go underground and are not heard of anymore. The new Mayor is elected ends up being James Flowers.

We recover and try to enjoy the rest of our summer.

Cattle Call, Session 4

Adelle looks further into the relationships of Manny Travis, the mayor and the Texas Militia group. Manny was a former football star, being scouted by the Cowboys before he blew his knee out. He moved back home and has owned a few businesses locally. He had been dating a girl, Concha Gonzalez, for several years but a year and a half ago she was found murdered in a ditch. He was the prime suspect but had an alibi, so he could not be charged and was set free.

Adelle finds records of Manny and the mayor being seen together at the local Timberland Country Club, but curiously those records dry up a couple of months before Manny’s girlfriend’s murder. There are no records of the Mayor having any contact with Concha, and he had no comments about her murder investigation, curiously.

Bo goes to visit “The Witch” who lives not too far from the edge of campus. She is a local curiosity who seems to know a lot about local history. Bo knows her because she sometimes comes in to do lectures sometimes for Bo’s history classes. She confirms that the mayor is part of the Texas National Militia and that they are all about seeing the South rise again. They are actually more militant than the KKK. There have been bloody skirmishes between members in the past which have been passed off as hunting accidents — this is how they get rid of people. She says that there are at least two people buried under the front pillars of the town hall, which were Militia murders.

Concerning Manny, he always seemed to be living in the past of his football days, with several failed businesses, but years later he was getting more successful locally. After his girlfriend’s death, he has not been as successful.

We get a call from the cops and are told to come in for questioning. We are brought into a lineup room where we see #4, Hank McCleary. We identify him as the driver in yesterday’s shooting, and are able to exit the room. We ask Deputy McCann about the second shooting, and he says the cops tracked the shooters to the west side of town and they would not go quietly. The shooter, Kerry McGovern, blew his own brains out instead of being captured. The cops found them there as this was a known hideout of theirs. They did not find the truck.

Jerry McGovern, Kerry’s identical twin brother, seems to be an upstanding citizen. He is the VP of Lending at the First Bank of Pinebox, does charity and is an avid hunter. He seems to have been the “good” brother who never got into trouble. He visits the local Pizza Barn, a place where we’ve always hung out.

We decide to head there, and sure enough Jerry shows up. Eli and Leafwalker go up to him, and Leafwalker tells Jerry that what he is doing with the kids charities is great. Eli says that he has paid for Jerry’s meal and he is sorry about what happened to his brother. Jerry says that his brother has caused trouble for him since the moment he was born. Eli and Leafwalker go back to our table, but Jerry glares in our direction after this.

A few minutes later, as Leafwalker is going out for a smoke, six rednecks are blocking the door and will not let him out. They encroach on all of us and a fight starts. Adelle knees one in the groin and Bo kicks another one in the leg. Eli throws a pizza at someone and yells “Food fight!” and chaos breaks out. Among the fighting we are able to take out the rednecks and make an escape.

Outside in the parking lot, Leafwalker goes after Jerry but he pulls away in his car. However he sees something glinting next to his car as he goes — it is an invitation written to Jerry to an event a week from today at the Southern Gentlemen’s Charitable Society, hosted by the Mayor, at the Timberland Country Club. There are doodles on the card, several of them swastikas and other symbols, and the words “Die already you old coot” next to the mayor’s name.

We go back to our dorm, luckily getting away without being followed.

Homer does a search on Jerry McGovern and finds pictures of Jerry with the mayor; he always seems to be a couple steps behind him and to the right, like he is guarding him, until the last few photos, where he is on opposite sides of the room as the mayor.

Adelle goes to Terry’s house to see what she can find. Clearly the cops have been here, but she does find a pamphlet for the Texas National Militia. She finds a loose board that the cops missed. There is a thick book in here that lists all of the Texas Militia members, with a code for the higher-ups but she is able to determine that it is the mayor, and his first lieutenant is Jerry McGovern. There is a note on here that references that Jerry is wanting to take over the role as the top dog. The Sheriff’s name is here too. Manny’s name was in the book, but has been crossed out.

She also finds another book that is a series of meeting minutes. There are symbols scribbled in the margins that are religious; Eli determines that they are using these symbols in their rituals.

The next morning Eli goes to see Manny and he says that he is no longer part of the group; it has gotten too crazy after his girlfriend was murdered. Jerry is trying to take over the group, but the Mayor has something up his sleeve — a book that supposedly has magical powers. The Mayor has used the book to speak with Robert E. Lee and witness the Battle of Antietam firsthand. The Mayor has kept him at bay so far.

Cattle Call, Session 3

A few weeks go by after the chicken incident, and things have quieted down. We are getting to the end of our junior year at school and it is now finals week.

We run across an article in the local paper about some cow mutilations that have happened nearby. A farmer in Golan County, Nathan Bowers, has discovered two of his blue ribbon cattle butchered in the middle of his two hundred acre ranch. The assailants didn’t take any of the meat, but staked pieces of the cows in a small circular area. There were no tracks leading into the field or out of it.

The local sheriff, Butch Anderson, investigated and thought it was a teenage prank. There have been many reports of cow mutilations in the county since the late 1970s, though most of them find the cows drained of blood and their bodies precisely cut as if by scalpel or laser.

Professor Glen Maclanahan of East Texas University said that this one is different because of the “savage butchery”. He has written a number of books on the subject of modern mythologies, and says that this is likely the work of a cult and not aliens.

We start to do some investigations but don’t learn much during finals week.

The next week we hear of another cow mutilation nearby, but this one was further south of us. We decide that it would be best to investigate ourselves. We drive together to the farm and meet the farmer, asking if we can hunt near here. He mentions the incident and Bo seems to track with him; he invites us inside to see what happened. We take a look around and Bo gets permission for us to visit his land “for hunting coyotes and wolves.”

We look for clues but it seems like the scene has been trampled by the cops. There is a circle of flattened grass like a helicopter was hovering over it, and there is a ring of blood with somewhat of a pattern but it has been mushed by footprints. Homer takes his helicopter up a hundred feet and takes a picture of the scene, and Bo does videos of the area.

A week later Blake hears from the local cops that they are concerned about these mutilations and they are under pressure to figure it out. The mayor has also taken some interest in this case. We research the mayor’s background; apparently he had an illegitimate child with another woman. He may also have ties with white supremecist groups. Once when he was drunk he was overheard saying that “northern occupiers” are preventing decent folk from getting what they deserve, and is hoping to return the south to its former glory.

In a few days they have a press conference. The sheriff is there and also the mayor, who looks a lot like Colonel Sanders. Manny Travis, one of the council members, local business owner and a former chicken fight attendee. The mayor starts out by saying that this is a grave matter and is being investigated. When pressed, he just says that there are a few deputies looking into it.

Suddenly an F-150 pickup drives up and a barrel emerges from the window. Bo sees it and yells “GUN!” and throws his slurpee at the truck. A shot is fired and the cameraman filming the press conference, Neil Franks, is shot in the head. Everyone hits the deck. The truck peels off and a cop car rolls out and pursues him.

Adelle hears Manny turn to the mayor as they are both laying on the ground, and he says “If I find out you were behind this, I’ll open up a can of whoop ass like you’ve never seen.” The mayor stands up and runs into the city hall building. The police pursue the truck but he gets away.

Manny yells about “white supremecists” and “they are trying to do me like they did my girlfriend.” Adelle gets this on tape with her smartphone.

In checking the video of the event, the face of the assassin and their accomplice can be seen. Manny seems okay but is going on about how white supremacists are after him. Afterward, when being interviewed he seems to have changed his story and says that he doesn’t even know what happened.

Blake finds a shell casing on the ground and tells the authorities about it.

While this is happening, Leafwalker is in the religious studies department and has found professor Glen McClanahan who spoke out about the attacks. He brushes Leafwalker off, unfortunately.

A few hours later, we have been released from questioning. Homer runs the plate and finds out that the truck is owned by Hank Cleary, and we see find his address.

The next day in the Pinebox Newspaper, it says that Kerry McGovern was the shooter, driving Hank Cleary’s truck. They reportedly both have ties to the Texas National Militia, a pseudo-military, racist organization.

Blake looks up Kerry McGovern’s records and he has a record for battery, disorderly conduct, and chicken fighting. He also looks up the Texas National Militia, and it seems that they feel that the Civil War has never truly ended and they are waiting for the south to rise again.

Chicken Run, Session 2

Blake, our friend the Law Enforcement major (Stacy) joins us, as he was asleep in the back of the truck on the way here.

It looks like the chickens were all devoured by something. Adelle notices that the chicken cages are also busted in. There are feathers everywhere and large scratches on the cages, and the big feed bags are torn apart. There is also a human footprint among all of the carnage.

In the truck Leaf finds some blood on the floor, and the keys are still in the ignition. There is a shotgun under the seat, which we give to Blake. We decide to take the big truck up the hill to the house, but the conditions are terrible. After a few turns we hit a patch of water and the truck slides sideways, but the people in the back of the truck manages to hang on.

As we approach the house we realize why the road is so winding; the road goes around the nearby stream. There is an old farmhouse and the back door has been smashed open. The kitchen is destroyed and any containers of food have been busted open and emptied. There are no feathers here, but a large claw mark that looks like an immense chicken claw, nine inches to a foot long.

There is a computer in the adjacent room and a gun cabinet with a 12-gauge shotgun and a 30-30 rifle. We take the guns and Eli starts looking through the computer files. Blake finds a bad performance review that references an experiment that went awry at Grendel Faust and how he is a bad scientist. Bo finds a stack of paychecks; it looks like in the last year his pay was cut almost in half.

We move to the bedroom and find it in disarray but probably just because he is a slob. There are pictures on the wall of chickens and some framed photos of Artie holding prize chickens and trophies, but not from any official event.

In the next room we find some scientific papers and Adelle takes some photos.

We check the kitchen again and see that the creature only came in here and was interested in the food and nothing else.

We head to just north and find a pump house, which is not interesting except that there is a large pipe going to a building just to our south.

We head there, and Homer thinks that he hears something but it goes away. It is hard to walk through the woods in the rain and dense foliage. The rain does start to let up as we approach. The front doors are open (not smashed) and there are cages strewn around outside here. They have similarly been broken open and the chickens inside eaten. We find some huge feathers here, and Homer in particular is scared stiff.

We head inside the building and there is a large cage in the center with lawn chairs all around; this must be the cock fighting ring. Further back in the next room we find lots of cages, successively larger towards the back. The biggest one is a few meters square. In the back there is a giant contraption that according to Homer is a huge incubator.

Next to the back cage we find a dog collar and a human jawbone. Bo finds what he thinks is an egg and it is a human eyeball. Homer finds Charlie’s wallet and inside he finds a folded up document referencing a Grendel Faust project to genetically engineer eggs. This must be his body, and he must have stolen these eggs from Grendel Faust.

Adelle takes photos of the carnage and all of the equipment, and we head out as quickly as we can.


On the road, suddenly we are surrounded by giant chickens from the front and behind. Blake takes a shot with his shotgun at the closest one and it explodes disgustingly into green goo which stinks to high heaven. Bo kills another one with a shotgun blast.

We continue fighting and Homer jumps out of the woods to attack a nearby chicken that is stunned with his leatherman, but he slips and accidentally stabs it on his way down and gets some of the goo on himself. Bo shoots him with a shotgun and it explodes, covering Homer even worse with goo.

Leaf throws a can of creamed corn at the last remaining chicken and it is stunned momentarily. Adelle stabs it with her replica sword (Sting), and kills it. We look around and we are surrounded by dead, stinking chickens, and it appears that they are decomposing as we watch. Adelle takes as many pictures as she can.

We head back to the truck but as we come into the clearing we see four huge chickens, bigger than the last group, on the bed of the truck and trying to get into the cab. Unwittingly Blake wanders into the clearing.

We take care of a couple of the chickens with more shotgun blasts but the last two come towards us. Homer sends his mini helicopter flying toward them to try and distract them. Leaf tosses some food and they are momentarily occupied. With a couple more well placed shotgun blasts we take care of the rest.

All of us head back to the Durango and we high tail it out of there. We see ahead of us on the road four more chickens. Leaf throws a food can at them and they start fighting over it. Blake runs them over and then backs over them again to make sure they are dead. Again, Adelle is filming everything.

Around the next bend we find the biggest cock we have ever seen. He is at least 8 1/2 or 9 feet tall and probably somewhere around 450 pounds. He stares down the car and is ready to charge. Blake slides it sideways and slams into the chicken, killing it instantly. However, he fails to notice that there is a washout just ahead. He manages to correct and jump over the washout, but Eli flies out of the bed of the truck and lands hard on the ground. Nothing is broken, thankfully, and he gets back in.

There are more chickens ahead and Leaf tries to kick one in the head as we pass, but he ends up falling out of the truck and hurts himself lying next to the chicken. Blake stops the truck and Bo takes him out with a shotgun blast.

As we are rounding the last corner (after 16 or so), two more giant chickens come at us from the sides and one sticks its head into the cab of the truck.


Leaf lassos one of the chickens around the neck with a rope and yanks it. The other one is shot by “Bullseye” Bo. We pull ahead and snap the first one’s neck and now he is dragging behind us.

We get out and Bullseye starts the car on fire. We jump in the Durango and get out of there.

The next day, after thorough cleaning of ourselves and the truck, we meet to determine what to do about the whole situation. We decide that the local authorities might give us some trouble. Adelle will write an a story and hold on to it, and Eli will ask around to people who may have been interested in the ring what else they may be in to the area, so we can keep tabs on the degenerates in the council.

On Monday the local paper says that both brothers were mauled and kills by bears. People driving by reported the incident, and they thought the bear was sick as there were strange decaying flesh everywhere.

Pine Box, Session 1

We are a group of college students living in the city of Pinebox, TX. Bo (Paul) is a history and archaeology major; Leafwalker (Matt) is a College of Natural Resources student, a hippie former camp counselor; Eli (Cary) is a Religious Studies student, a sixty-some year old Jewish man; Homer (Jon) is a Science major with a background in electronics, robotics and lasers; Adelle (Brad) is a Journalism major, a young female who is also an aspiring horror writer.

We are all good friends, and are in a book club together. Adelle hears that there is an illegal cock fighting ring somewhere in the county, and we go to investigate. She finds that it is at a nearby farm, and the next match is perhaps two weeks away. Artie O’Connor and his brother Charlie own the chicken farm, after a series of accidents killed the previous owners. (His wife and her parents, from a family he recently married in to.)

We find more information about Artie; he has previously been busted for participating in cock fights but they could not prove that the birds were his. His mother-in-law was a well-known figure locally, she was killed in a fireworks accident. Artie was not charged as he had a good alibi.

Artie’s brother Charlie went to school for genetics and biology. Leafwalker finds a paper that he wrote years ago, on how to genetically modify plants, that was widely panned. He was working for Grendel Faust, a genetic and biological engineering company. After this, he fell off the map completely and hasn’t had any activity in years in the world of science.

The closest branch of Grendel Faust is the next county over, a breeding farm. Their mission statement is all about feeding the world. There are references to the company doing breeding with livestock as well. Charlie is listed as a lab assistant (a much lower role) in later papers. There is no reference to Artie O’Connor with the company.

Leafwalker talks with the university’s Dr. Krystal Manning, a specialist in microbiology and chemistry. She knows of a Grendel Faust project called Turkey Sandwich, where they was studying large birds to genetically engineer them. Adelle realizes that Dr. Manning has been driving to the local army base, Area 12, which has a very Area 51-like vibe, and she previously had worked for Homeland Security.

We decide to set a deer camera nearby to surveil the farm. A few vehicles come and go, and one of them is a really nice red sports car — this is Charlie’s car. We occasionally see a blue Ford F-350 with Artie driving it as well. Once he has a bunch of burlap sacks with chicken feed. On Saturday we notice that several really nice cars pull in. We see that one of the cars is owned by James Flowers, a local businessman. We also see Jimmy Vann, another businessman who is on the city council. They go in and come out a few hours later. There is no traffic on Sunday.

Adelle hears on Monday that a cock fight had happened over the weekend, but not the big one we’ve heard about.

James Flowers owns a body shop and is a member of the wolf hunters club, and is serving on the city council. Jimmy Vann owns rental properties nearby.

Bo does a Google Maps search of the farm area and sees the layout of the area.

We are pretty certain that the big fight is going to be this Saturday.

On Thursday evening we get together for dinner and decide what to do. We will go to the farm again on Friday and investigate to see if we can find the genetically modified chickens. We head out there on Friday and park the truck about a mile away and hike there. Homer brings bolt cutters, wire cutters and his R/C helicopters. We get to the big gate and go around through the nearby woods. We go in to the chicken coops but they seem like normal chickens. Leafwalker checks the feed and he recognizes it as the feed they use on campus, so it is not modified.

The chickens start making noise so we bail, and hide in the woods. We hear a truck approaching, and Artie jumps out with a shotgun looking around. We hear sirens approaching and the sheriff emerges with two deputies. They find all of us, and attempt to take us to jail for trespassing. One of the deputies feels sorry for us and tells us all to get out of here. We run out and at the gate, two pickup trucks pull up behind us with some angry locals yelling about the noise. We are able to make our escape.

At campus the next day we try and figure out what to do. Eli goes to a local establishment and gets an invite to the cock fight.

It is pouring this evening and the wind is gusting hard. We head back up to the farm in Bo’s Durango and see some cars driving in the other direction, quickly. One of them is a local businessman and council member, Manuel “The Man” Travis. We get to the gate and it is wide open. The blue truck is here and is left running, but the windows are smashed. The red sports car is here too. There are feathers everywhere, blood and bones, and the chicken coops were busted open from outside in.

Session 21 – Under Siege

Westmore tries to recap what has happened in the past few years. Gao Fang, Emperor of China, has invaded Pearl Harbor with a flight of dragons, and annexed Japan. They have formed a “Pact of Steel” with Italy and Germany, which has taken over Russia.  The allies against them are America, Canada, Great Britain and Romania (which is lead by a vampire).  Stalin was killed but has been brought back as a Frankenstein-like monster.

We do not have any mystical forces or artifacts on our side, unfortunately, but we do know that the Spear of Destiny is in the Vatican.  The Vatican, along with the rest of Italy, is in the “Pact of Steel”, but the Catholics have been unwilling to share the actual Spear.

Britain is under constant aerial assault. The Chinese are using dragons and mystical solders to fight.

While we figure out what to do, Goodwin creates a spark pistol.  The rest of us arm up with flak jackets, Tommy guns, and

We decide to speak with the Atlanteans about the situation. We bring them up to speed with the history of the world and the status of the war.


Session 20 – Jormungundar

We take the raft toward the Viking battleground. On the way Tom senses that we might be being watched by something, but nothing appears.

Thinking about what motivate the vikings to help us defeat the guardian of the volcano, Slate mentions that in Norse mythology there is a giant serpent, Jormungundar, who is Thor’s arch-enemy. Thor defeated him and walked 10 steps before dying himself, from the serpent’s venom. If we mention that this is the world-serpent, they may help us in our effort to kill the beast.

We come to the battleground and see weapons, armor and skeletons lying about. Slate notices a huge skeleton sticking out of the ground, it looks like a large serpent or dinosaur.

Gabriel finds armor, a helmet and two maces in the rubble and starts to descend into the crater. As he does this, some of the spectral viking warriors start swirling towards him. The giants, ogres and trolls do not seem to care about him. He sees something towards the center of the crater and climbs over the rubble to get it.

Finally getting to the bottom, he sees that the shiny object is a weapon — a hammer. He tries as hard as he can, but can’t lift it. Slate thinks that this may be Thor’s hammer, and it’s possible that we may not be able to lift it because according to myth, only Thor could do so.

We all head down into the crater to check it out. Whitmore reads the runes on the hammer and it indeed says “Mjolnir”, which is the name of Thor’s hammer. Whitmore is able to translate to the Vikings. We ask them for their help in defeating Jormungundar, but they say that he has already been defeated. We attempt to explain that we have all been trapped here and they think that this is in fact Valhalla, so are disinclined to try and leave.

Whitmore suggests that we try and talk to the spectral Thor, who is very prideful — we may be able to exploit his character flaw. He coaches Gabriel, who then approaches Thor and says that he is a weak fool (in Norse).

Thor hurls the hammer at his head and Gabriel narrowly dodges. Thor asks him why he thinks he is so easily defeated, and Gabriel says that if he had a hammer like Thor’s he could defeat him. Thor obliges, gesturing, and the physical hammer floats towards Gabriel and he finds that he can lift and use it. He moves to attack Thor, and they fight it out for several moments. Gabriel strikes and actually knocks Thor off of his feet. He starts pounding on Thor as he is flat on his back, and Thor pushes him off with little effort. He asks how he was defeated by a mere mortal.

We change the subject and ask him if he will help us defeat the fire serpent to free us from here. He agrees, but he says that the Atlanteans must help us in our task so we will all fight for our freedom. He gives Gabriel a less powerful version of his hammer to use in the battle. We go to the Atlantean city and talk to them, and they decide to join us. We all journey to the volcano and ascend to a cave, and sure enough we find the lair of a giant red tyranosaur and some of his dinosaur friends. His eyes glow as if they are on fire.


Goodwin hits the T-rex severely with his flying machete, and then Slate and Whitmore take shots with their firearms unsuccessfully. Gabriel flings his hammer at him and slams him for more damage. After quite a long battle, Gabriel slams him with the hammer and a jet of flame courses out of it, narrowly missing him. There is a white light and everything disappears.

We wake up on a beach, and we see pillars like we saw when we first arrived to Atlantis. We also see our zeppelin in the distance. Professor Westmore is waiting near the zeppelin and he has food for us.

The cat people and Atlanteans are here. The Norsemen are here, but they are being picked up by valkyries and carried away. The t-rex that we defeated is here, dead, but we hear other dinosaurs in the distance.

Westmore tells us that we have been gone a while, and he heard that an island popped up in the middle of nowhere so he thought that he would check it out. He shows us a newspaper and it says May, 1944…which is 8 years after we left! There is a war in Europe, and it is not going well for the Allies. He suggests that we discuss what to do.

Session 19 – Wrath of the Juice Monkey

We start building the raft, and Goodwin builds a headgear device for Gabriel so that it is difficult to mind control him. We cast off and only a few minutes or so later we arrive.

As we approach we see that the island goes up a hill and we see a city in the distance. We come up and suddenly see several velociraptors approaching, and they attack. After a moment, though, we hear a roaring sound coming from the woods behind them and one is tossed out toward us. A huge ape comes from the bushes and is thrashing around. He seems to be attacking just the raptors, and is covered with dirt, wires and test tubes.

After the raptors have been taken care of, the gorilla attacks Gabriel. We all pile on him and take him down. Slate gives him a couple of shotgun blasts and he falls. He has some tech that Goodwin takes for future use.

We head further up the hill and it looks like the gorilla had taken out dozens of them in a path of destruction.

Soon the land drops away and we see ahead of us the city, all made of stone buildings. Some strange energies are at work to light things up. Strange alien-looking creatures are walking around here, some with high-tech sticks that look like weapons, and holsters with small guns. There is a stockade with some cat-creatures and an arena for combat. The technology and architecture seems to be making use of orichalcum.

When they see us, they lower their sticks at us. Goodwin speaks in Latin and tells them that we found their gorilla. They say that the gorilla was theirs and they sent it after the velociraptors. They ask him what we are doing here and he says that we arrived here out of our time and we are trying to figure out what is going on. They will not let us into the city gates.

The guards fetch an older man named The Seer and he asks about us. Goodwin asks him if they are aware of any of the ancient cultures, and if they know of Gao Fang. The Seer says that Gao Fang predates even them, he is an old evil. He is one of the beings who are trying to control the whole world, and is systematically getting rid of any threats, the Atlanteans being one and the lizards and tiger-men another.

The Seer says that they have a theory of how to leave, but they cannot do it themselves. They believe that the nucleus of the dimension is inside the volcano, but they cannot destroy the creature that is inside. There is a large lizard creature, bright red, who guards it and has his own minions as well.

He also describes the viking ghosts, fighting an unending war to the north, and asks about them. Goodwin says that they are also from our history, about a thousand years before us, and they are from the north part of Europe. The Seer asks if we might be able to sway them over to our cause. We think that if we defeat their enemies, the giants, they might be looking to fight someone else. We ask to take some of the Atlantean weapons with us to see if they can damage the ghostly giants.