Session 4 – Mariner of the Stars

We head back to our ship and gear up, then head back to Engineering. We decide to remove some of the oxygen so the passengers will pass out and be less agitated, and we can more easily identify the space monster.

After this we head back to the cargo hold, and check on the sarcophagus. We see that the seal has been broken and there is a trail of ectoplasm there.

Suddenly something attacks Katya from above. It seems to be the creature. She fires at it, and it tries to affect her mind and then Michael’s, but it is ineffective. Rusty takes a shot with his sniper rifle and hits it, but it is still alive. It grabs onto Michael and wraps its tentacles around his neck; Jeff is so scared that he starts laughing hysterically, and Rusty passes out.

Michael manages to get an arm free and slices the creature’s head off with his blade. Thomas runs up and stabs him for good measure.

We put the creature in the sarcophagus and begin cleaning up so the populous doesn’t find out about him.

We go back to the room where we locked Dr. Wells, but he has been bludgeoned by Carstinsen (before we found him in the Captain’s quarters). We find a blood spattered hijab, worn by Carstinson as he committed the murders and a journal written by Dr. Wells that talks about the seal being broken on the sarcophagus, and that he was afraid of the possibility of Carstinson killing his own wife.

Jeff copies all of the security tapes and wipes them from the ship’s system so word doesn’t get out. We turn the oxygen back on, fix the engines and take our leave back to Warden Prime.

Warden Prime is a huge space station compared to our home base, and it has everything including a ship repair yard, sensor arrays, computers and armories.

They take the sarcophagus containing the creature and the bodies of Carstinson and Dr. Wells. The people on the station take it up to Floor 23. Dr. Reilly asks exactly what is on Floor 23, and they tell us that no one is allowed to know that.

We have an audience with Capt. Dearborn, and he congratulates us on a successful mission. He says that our ship will be upgraded with higher tech and we will be going on shore leave at a resort on Venus.