Session 2 – Bridges

We find out about a regular swap meet at 68th Street and Ryan Road, near the old prison, where we can trade about 20 miles from the town, and we have an inkling to visit and barter some things.

Our chemist, Alexander, has been making some batteries that we want to trade. Unfortunately they are several times the size of batteries from a few years ago and not as powerful.

We are concerned about how to transport the batteries, since they are almost 300 pounds all together. We procure a wagon and some horses to take us to the swap meet, and begin the long trip down.

We go east to cross the Milwaukee river, but we’ve heard that there are such things as coyotes, other wild animals and also abnormal things like giant ants or blue zombies in the city. The “blues” eat animals and humans alike.

We cross the river at Locust, and as Cody goes across he sees a glint of something in the distance. He stops the group and takes a look with the scope on his rifle. It looks to him like an emergency vehicle halfway down the ravine under the bridge.

We lower Cody down tied to a rope and he makes it to the vehicle, which turns out to be a Bell Ambulance, but he can’t open it because of the rusty doors and all of the debris.

Dusty climbs down the rope to help but almost falls and hurts himself. After a few minutes they gain entry but don’t find much; some medkits and metal tools. We extract them and then head out.

We stay overnight nearby and have an uneventful evening, then head south on 6th Street. At around 9am, as we are passing Highland and the MATC, we hear a call for help. Though others are running to assist, we decide that it is too dangerous (and possibly a trap) so we move on.