Session 3 – Wolf Leash

We continue on toward downtown but suddenly hear Seekers in the area, huge monsters with tentacles. Alexander says that they are attracted to electricity. We find a place to hide in a 12×12 container. There is a door; Ian opens it and is immediately grabbed by a humanoid creature with fur and tusks.


We fight the creatures off but can’t leave, as we still still hear the Seekers off in the distance. The room has a horrible smell, but there is some salvage here as it looks like this place . We find a 9mm pistol, a journal, a police baton, a dog’s leash, some disposable razors, a mountain bike and some sort of strange black fire hydrant.

Cody reads the journal and it contains a lot of gibberish, but at one time the author seems to have been human. It describes their descent into mutation and madness, and it all seems to have been caused by the fire hydrant over the course of a month or so.

Alexander tries to figure it out by pressing a few buttons, and it lights up and opens, and a small container emerges. We determine that it would be too dangerous so he figures out how to close it and we will take it with us.

In the morning, we check for baddies again and head out. Later that day we finally get to the swap meet.

The meet is at 72nd and Ryan Road at and old prison, and it is a little surprising because we’ve never seen this many people in one place in a while. There are men manning huge machine guns, defending the place. It seems like they have food everywhere.

Ian thinks that he sees his wife in the crowd, and goes to the gate to check.