Session 4 – Family Matters

This is the third or fourth swap meet, and there are more people here than before.

Towards the gate we are hearing a commotion. Ian gets a strange look on his face and asks everyone to come with him, except for Simon and Dusty who he asks to stay and watch the cart.

Ian heads up towards the cart and they are trying to kick someone off, saying that they are “infected”. The bear helps clear people out of the way.

Ian is positive that the woman is his wife, but she is unconscious and has a strange scar on her forehead. They ask Ian who he is, and he says that the woman is his wife and was killed two years ago.

They say that can’t be the case, because her name is Fiona. Ian shows them the pictures of the two of them together and of their son, Travis. The man says that they found her washed up on the lake shore, unconscious, and helped her out. Ian asks what is wrong with her now, and the man tells him quietly that she was bitten by a Blue.

Alexander gives her a sedative and she seems to be resting more comfortably.

The officials, carrying large guns, tell the crowd to disperse and go about their business. They ask what is going on, and Ian asks if they have a doctor who could look at her. They agree, for a price, and send for him.

We take her away from the commotion and speak to the people. They are apparently the people who were calling for help on our way here and we didn’t stop to assist them. Alexander says that she is not infected, but they say that’s impossible because she was definitely bitten.

The officials say that Alexandra has to go into a jail cell since she was bitten. Ian agrees, but says that he will go in with her. He asks Simon to be in charge of trading things for the group.

We look through several booths and see quite a lot of stuff, including some submachine gun rounds but no guns.

Cody sees that one of the vendors is someone he knows, named Daisy. She has about a dozen 50 caliber rounds that they found at a military base, but there is no gun to use them with.

We are looking to trade our 12 batteries and a generator for some stuff. We trade 2 of the batteries and Cody’s brass knuckles. We trade 3 more for a 5 pound container of liquid propane, 2 quarts of motor oil, and a baseball bat taken by Dusty.

Another vendor has a few uninteresting items but Cody asks if he has anything behind the counter. He does, and it ends up being a 50 caliber machine gun. We trade the generator for the gun, and give him a battery to bribe him to say he never sold it to us. He says to come back anytime and ask for him. He introduces himself to us as Hugo Altimas, and says to come back anytime.

We spent 2 more batteries on a chainsaw, a pair of boots, and 15 rifle rounds.

Another 2 batteries gets us a music box, Irish whiskey, binoculars, and a can of tennis balls.

Back in the cell, Ian’s wife wakes up and suddenly remembers Ian, making the situation very awkward. She explains that she fled the encampment during the attack and was shot and fell in the lake. She also reveals that she was pregnant during the attack and now has a daughter who is his, named Brianna. Ian offers to take in all of them, including Alexandra’s friends.

The doctor says that she is completely fine, and is really astonished. He asks to draw some blood and she agrees.

The rest of the group comes back to see Ian and Simon sees Alexandra for the first time, and is astonished. Ian explains the situation to the group and Alexandra introduces her companions, Adele Hazelwood, Larry Cifuentes, and Paul Woods.

Ian says that we will head out to pick up Alexandra’s two other companions Isabella and Damian, and Ian’s daughter, along with some other supplies on the way back to the settlement.

We decide to stay the night before we head out. Around the campfire the leader of the settlement, a man covered with tattoos, discusses what’s going on with us. He, Ian and Cody start talking about how we can help one another with things like trade routes, safe zones, communication, and protection from the Seekers.

Communication will be the first plan; we will start with animal trainers and birds, and then afterwards set up some wired or wireless communications. We will meet in one month to discuss further, at 175 and North Avenue.