Session 6 – Tiger Trap

We pack up our things and travel to Timmerman Airport, to a large locked hangar. After almost killing himself climbing up on the roof, Cody breaks in and lets the rest of us in. We see two pristine propellor planes. We get fire extinguishers from the planes and check the fuel levels — there is fuel, but it is low. Since the planes have never been raided, there are a lot of sundries here and 16 gallons of oil in a 30-gallon drum. Since it is so heavy, we’ll have to come back another time for the oil. We stay the night here.

Traveling through the next day, we stop at an office building near Bluemound Road that seems not to have been raided yet either. We break into a door off of the loading bay and check it out. We find a travel iron in its case. Venturing into the next room of the building, Ian and Simon hear a growl. Thinking that it’s a Blue, Simon tells everyone to get out and they do, except for Cody who stays frozen. He asks Ned and Dusty to come in, and they do, cautiously. They see that a large tiger is trapped in the building. Ned goes in and tries to calm it down. As he is doing this, Cody is searching the room and finds a gun rack attached to the wall. After breaking the lock on the rack, he sees that one of them is salvageable but needs some work. He also finds a safe in the wall nearby, but he can’t break the lock.

In the next room, Alex finds a file cabinet with the schematics for the warehouse, and Cody looks and finds the location of the things we need. We venture into the warehouse and look for the correct row. Ned still is working with the tiger.

Ahead in the warehouse Ian and Cody see a sinkhole in the floor near where they have to go, and walk around it. As they approach, a bunch of Blues and spiders appear from the sinkhole, crawling up from underground. They begin attacking and Cody jumps to fight them.


The fight is joined, and suddenly Alex makes an inhuman sound and all of the enemies freeze. We start taking them down but they are encroaching on us, so we disengage and run outside. Cody attempts to climb up one of the shelves. Luckily, the Blues follow us outside and we are able to pick them off one at a time.

Now that they are taken care of, we search the warehouse for more supplies.