Session 8 – Sleeping with the Alien

Alex relates his tale:

“I have existed on this planet for 137 days, however my species and my race is millions or billions of years old. Our planet was dying; our resources were used up, so my species built an ark. We couldn’t actually put all of the life forms on the space ship, however we could put their genetic sequences in stasis. So, the ‘fire hydrant’ we came across is one of these containers that has these samples. The people who found it were able to open it and get infected, which is why they were sick.

I was a scientist on the planet and did not go on the ship, but my genetic material did. The ship was looking for an arid planet like ours, and it would first reconstruct our scientists (like me) to help restart the species. That was the original plan.

I don’t know exactly what happened, but I’ve been able to guess that for whatever reason, our spaceship crashed on your planet about the time of the solar flare, which means that the flare probably caused us to crash.

So, whatever it was, something caused us to crash here, but this is not where we want to be, since it is far too humid. Whatever caused us to crash also broke our technology — my pod was supposed to be functional days after we landed, but it has been several years.

There could be another one of my race near Beloit, according to the research that Simon did.

Some of the other things on your planet, like the seekers, are unfamiliar to you but is familiar ot me. The seekers are smaller on our world and live in the desert. The ‘blue’ is something that we created to amplify our psychic power, and is a beneficial parasite. But here it has mutated to combine with the original virus and made something else. I was able to fight off the infection myself, but it took some time.

I was not able to find any others of my race, so this report near Beloit is the only other lead I have for another survivor. That being the case, we should find this other Purana. This is what we call ourselves.

Both of our races are clearly in danger, and I hope that we can work together to save us all.

As technology goes, I have no power source left, as the last of it was used up to heal Cody. It could have lasted for years keeping my hologram up, but it is now gone. I can protect myself and do some healing, but I don’t have much offensive capability.

When I awoke I found some books in a nearby structure and began to learn and observe your species. I spent the first 50 of your solar cycles trying to remain hidden and watching you. I tried copying weapons from books and things I saw, but I abhor violence so this does not come naturally to me.”

We stay the night here. The next morning, we decide to first help Alex to camouflage his stuff, and then we are going to head down to the Beloit area, but first we need to get back to the compound to re-supply.

We get back to the compound and Alex goes undetected back to his room to pick things up. The rest of us gear up. Cody gets Alex a shotgun, but since he has never used one before, he needs some training.

Alex is trying to create a way to track the alien metal, to make finding the other Purana easier, but it is slow going. Dusty attempts to train his pet wolf to track it, as well.These efforts are slow, so we have them continue as we travel.

We stay off of the beaten path, and make 20 miles in the first day by going west on Hwy 100 and then working our way south.

The next morning we head out and try to make it as far as Muskego. We find part of a portable radio. That evening, Alex is able to make a rudimentary alien metal detector.

The next night, we are able to find a garage in the side of a hill, which is secure and also nice and cool.

During day 3, Cody notices the glint of a gun up on a hill pointing down on us. He tries to roll off to the side and hide, but they fire on him and he is hit. He raises up his gun and fires, taking the guy out.

After we take one more out, there are a few more shots and then everything suddenly goes quiet. After a few minutes, we go up and search their bodies. The others seem to have run off. We find two .22 rifles and a total of 27 rounds of ammunition, as well as a canteen and a knife.

We calm the horses down and gather ourselves, then get a move on.