Session 9 – The Goop

A short while later on the way to Beloit, we stop for the evening in a house that Cody found, that seems to be in good shape. During the first watch, however, Ian suddenly feels a strange goopy substance dripping onto his head. Soon it is completely covering him and it is burning him terribly.

The rest of the group wakes up and tries to get it off of him with little success. The goop seems to dodge any physical attacks, moving itself out of the way, and water has no effect.

Ian falls to the floor and thrashes around, amazingly getting away from it. At the same time, Dusty hits it with a lit torch. After several minutes and a long battle, we finally kill it.

Ian grabs all of his stuff and goes outside, then beds down in a nearby abandoned car. Dusty and Cody search around in nearby homes for clothes, and are able to find some pants and a flannel shirt for Ian. Luckily his boots were untouched.

We sleep the rest of the night and then start looking around the town as soon as it is morning. We consult the map and head down toward the river to see if there are any caves.

Cody and Dusty check out the cave, and Alex follows. It’s clear that something was here, but it is completely cleared out now. There is no trace of anything.

We head out, and suddenly we see that Ian is being held up by several people with guns. They tell us to drop our weapons, and we comply.