Session 42 – Hamsburg

We sail from Nyambe to the Five Kingdoms. We arrive in Rodare in the country of Hamsburg, and dock. However, we see smoke off in the distance and realize that the city is under attack. We rush off of the docks area and into a building where we see villagers being attacked by savage men.

The group, including Josephus, jumps into the fray and starts taking down the men one by one. Eilenos fires off his crossbow and misses, and then is blindsided by one of the savages, who takes him down to the ground. Sarthisis turns and immolates the man with a firebolt, and Josephus rushes to heal Eilenos.

We hear a loud noise and suddenly a giant wyvern descends into the area and begins to attack us. Porodo climbs up a building and attacks him with his sword, but jumps off the building, injuring himself.

The ground begins shaking and through the earth comes a huge ork, collapsing part of the building in the process. He immediately attacks Krodmich and knocks him down. The ork brings his huge double axe down on Krodmich and it creates a swath of ice for more than 30 feet. Everyone manages to get out of the way, but a giant icicle goes through Krodmich’s chest.

Sarthisis aims his magical weaponry at the wyvern and torches it in a ball of flame.

Eilenos and Aliga team up on the ork and cut him to ribbons.

We rush to Krodmich and try to tend to his wounds, but Josephus shakes his head gravely and says that nothing can be done. With his dying words, Krodmich says that we must take his axe to Skraag and free his homeland. Josephus bends down next to Krodmich and waves his hands over him. His body turns to dust and disappears into a small pouch that Josephus carries.

Sarthisis cuts the wyvern’s head and tail stinger off to take it with him.

We look over the fishing village and find no survivors. We think about it, and we believe this was a deliberate trap that was set for us by Grom.