Session 44 – Hamsburg

We see humanoid figures in the dark, probably less than twenty of them. Several fighters seem to be out in the front area of the house.

We see a figure behind the house glowing with fire. Sarthisis hits him with three fireballs, but they do not seem to affect him. The figure responds with a huge blast of fire that injures Sarthisis. He blacks out and begins attacking the party. He manages to miss Porodo by pure force of will.

We defeat the fighters and then team up to kill the wizard. He goes down after a brief battle. We check him and he has a magical scourge (a cat o’ nine tails) called the Scourge of Unhealing Flesh, staff, Cloak of Greater Protection, and non-magical manacles. His followers were carrying a non-magical symbol that looks like a scourge with manacles attached to them. Charon takes the magical flail.

The staff seems to have some fire powers that it gives to Sarthisis as he wields it. Suddenly it speaks to him — the staff is sentient! She says her name is Ilira the Igniter, and is the spirit of a Flame Lord. She is trapped within the staff and wants our help to be released. Porodo asks her how she can help us in return. She says that there can be only six Flame Lords at a time, and that they are not necessarily evil. If we take out Cinder, the flame lord who destroyed her body, she will take his power and then help us clear Iron Hallow Hall of orks. To get to Cinder, we must travel to the elemental plane of fire. She can take us there.

Josephus suggests that we leave for Hampton, northwest of here, through Jagen’s Wood. Hampton is the most powerful of the Five Kingdoms — rich and with military might. Josephus says that we should meet him at Dunmeshi Castle, which is closer to Scragg. He needs to leave to attend other business. He enters a small portal and disappears.