Session 45 – The Wood Elves

We head into town and buy a horse and cart. While there, we hear from the locals that there are Wood Elves in the forest that are wild and potentially dangerous. Josephus advises us to stay close to the river as we travel.

Setting off, we travel for a while and soon Porodo finds human tracks going to and from the river. However, we don’t see anyone and feel it is safe to bed down here for the night. During first watch, Aliga hears something and sees four humanoids to the north. He quietly wakes the rest of the group.

The humanoids are a group of elves, and they don’t seem particularly friendly. They ask us what we are doing there. We tell them of our quest and they actually know of Josephus. They invite us to their village. They are a tribe from Trevenfal, and have separated from their brethren in Elleday due to a fundamental schism.

The elves escort us to their home. As we travel, the plants bend to get out of our way and let us through. We see the tree city up ahead, but the trees do not look natural. Above us we see many walkways. They bring us to rooms that are meant for visitors. We drop our things and they take us up to the city center on a lift. We go through the market and up another lift to a building with large spires and a blue energy field around it.

We are taken up inside and there are many guards with natural looking armor. There is an elder sitting on a wooden throne, wearing a cloak of leaves. His name is Anthal. We tell him about our plans, and he offers to help us get to the castle. He will also help us retake Skraag when the time comes!