Session 46 – The Wood Elves

The elves give us supplies including some magical items. We are also given a guide who will help take us through the forest. Before we can depart, sentries come in from the forest and sound the alarm — six dragons are inbound and ready to attack!

Sarthisis relates that there are several types of dragons. It appears that the ones coming are Swamp Dragons, and they spray noxious fumes. As they come closer, we see that the dragons have riders upon them. There is one huge dragon and five smaller ones. They fan out to attack.

Sarthisis sends air elementals and fireballs toward them. The big dragon descends and the rider lances Eilenos, and the dragon shoots its noxious breath at us. Eilenos barely gets out of the way in time, but is wounded. Imra uses a spell on the big dragon and it shrinks to the size of a large dog. It climbs out from beneath the saddle and rider. Sarthisis roasts it (and nearly Eilenos as well) with a fireball. Charon jumps out of a tree and stabs one dragon, killing it instantly. He jumps off the dragon to safety before it hits the ground. The other dragons and riders are dealt with.

Eilenos believes that Marta, the goddess of beasts, has taken sides against us. She must have sent the dragons and the riders.

Imra thanks Sarthisis for using her during the battle.

We go to Anthal and let him know that we are heading out. Our guide comes with us. It takes 3 days of walking to exit the forest, and we head into a small town called Sundale. The guide says that we should go to Fort Stone. The road will take us to Dunmeshi. It will take us four days to get there from here.

The doorman at Dunmeshi doesn’t let us in, though we describe our mission and ask to speak to the master of the keep. We tell him that we are adventuring on behalf of the king of Iron Hallow Hall, Krodmich, but he doesn’t believe us because Krodmich is not with us. We mention Josephus, and suddenly he appears through a portal. He gives Eilenos a huge battle-axe and asks him to “Hold Krodmich for a moment.” Eilenos is startled, but assents. The guards recognize Josephus and let us all in to the city.