Session 49 – Into the Fire

Porodo sees that the nearby tracks go to a wall. There is a small hole on the wall and Sarthisis presses into it. A doorway opens and a cavern ascends.

At the top we go across a wooden bridge over the falls. In the center there is a platform with a huge pile of gold on it.

As we walk onto the platform, Eilenos sees a fire drake descending upon us and tries to attack it, but his sword bounces off its scales.

The others move to attck but the drake buffets its wings and tries to blow us off the platform. Eilenos is taken off guard and falls backward 20 feet down into the lava, and is seriously hurt.

The others continue attacking and Charon jumps on his back. Sarthisis sets several elementals on him as well.

Due to his fire invulnerability ring, Eilenos is able to recover and climbs up the platform. He strikes the drake in the belly, and the drake strikes with his tail. Eilenos strikes again and takes him down.

We loot the area but don’t care too much about the gold. Sarthisis takes some jewels, but there are also several magical items: a wand of mini fireballs, which Charon takes. Also a pendant of awareness, a dagger, and a blunderbus.

The blunderbus also comes with an “instruction manual” which Josephus looks at. He says that the book is about the lost art of gunsmithing, which the Dwarves haven’t done for generations. We give the gun to Josephus for him to use.