Session 50 – Into the Fire

We continue across the bridge, and go left down a path. Nearby we see a circle with a fire in the middle, and several cultists in a circle doing a chant. We immediately move to attack and take them out.

We take out several, and the elementals that they conjure. Finally htere is only one left, but he is wounded. Imra uses her mental powers to read his mind, trying to determine where the flame lord is. Among his thoughts of his injuries she is able to determine that the flame lord is nearby.

Porodo fires off an arrow at the guy, striking with 104 damage, which blasts him into another dimension consisting only of pain and suffering for the rest of all eternity.

The plunder includes 3 magical daggers and cloaks.

We continue on up the path, and soon come to the end where the giant statue stands. Below it is the flame lord, standing over a dozen feet tall and holding a huge sword, in front of a giant basalt throne.


Imra uses her magic to shrink him down to size, but he immediately grows back to his former size again. Nadia runs forward and strikes him with her sword, which actually damages him. Eilenos strikes him as well and wounds him, but it only seems to make him angry. Porodo shoots an arrow dead into him, but it just buries itself in his armor.

We continue fighting him, and finally Porodo strikes him again and Sarthisis hits him with a blast that knocks him down. He is unconscious.

We hear from Sarthisis’ bag a cheering sound. The fire staff is telling him to take the Flame Lord’s power. Sarthisis goes to him and stabs him, and fire comes out of the Flame Lord and into him. There is a nova of flame that erupts from him.

Sarthisis is now the flame lord of the second realm, and is completely immune to fire and fire attacks. Once he sits on the basalt throne, he can sense everything that is happening in the realm of fire, and what the other flame lords are doing. He can also sense the flame lords that are on other planes. He can create portals from the plane of fire to anywhere on Juravia that he has previously visited, and can create a portal back. Others can also travel with him. He can sense when people are tapping into elemental fire, and can grant them power or take it away.

Sarthisis takes the fire staff out of his pack and tries to break it. The former elemental tries to ask for mercy but he breaks it, and she screams in terror.

The group briefly discusses whether to let the former flame lord live, but Sarthisis levitates him into the fire. He regaions consciousness as he burns to death. He takes with him several magical items, as we didn’t search him before putting him into the fire.

We take his great sword, and in addition there are several magic items in a box nearby; a pair of spider boots, the Tome of the Unseen (invisibility spell), a magical fire saber, and two potions of healing, $300k of coins and $7k of gems.