Session 1 – Welcome to Omega

Sometime in the last two days, the aliens slapped us in chains. We were all independently captured. We were put on a transport going downtown, probably to a transport to space to be dissected.

Roland is a well-educated man with glasses in his mid-30s, who doesn’t look like he has been outside the university. He looks sickly.

Abaddon has black plastic looking skin, sort of like an action figure in a black trench coat. There is no heat coming off of him — he is the same temperature as the vehicle we are in, which is strange.

Matt is an older gentleman with a nice suit. He has graying hair and is wearing gloves. Glints of metal can be seen on him.

080 is a silver looking android with green energy.  He does not appear to have any weapons.

The ship crashes and there is blood and smoke everywhere. The guards have all been killed, and there is a huge hole in the ship. Doctor Destruction, the most powerful super-villain in the world, asks us if we want to live. 080 asks who he is, and he is not amused.

DD asks us to be part of Omega, of which he is the leader. His minions place radio receivers on our nullifiers, and he opens the back hatch, making all of us fall out. He psychically tells us that if we agree to help him break out another super-villain named MindJack from a prison camp, he will free us. Begrudginly, we all agree and the radio recievers catch a signal that detonates the nullifiers, setting us free. Abaddon immediately teleports back to the transport, then teleports to the ground. The rest of us hit the ground on a tin roof, not softly but we are not hurt. Roland has turned into a giant snarling wolf. The rest of us look at him in terror and disgust.

Everyone is a bit dazed, but we jump down and start on our “mission”. As we descend there are a group of Drones, faceless automatons with rifles on their arms and claws. They move to attack us, and we take them all out. 080 gets hit, and after the battle gets up and says an expletive loudly.

Abaddon dissolves the door to the building and 080 walks in. He tells the guards that he requires one of their prisoners and that no violence is necessary, but immediately discharges a shock attack that takes three of them out. Matt mind controls the last one, and has him shoot himself in the head. We see MindJack in one of the cells and a woman named Valerie calls out and asks us to free her, saying that she has resistance ties. 

Roland (as Fenrir) bursts into the room and begins tearing into the prisoners. Matt mind controls him to stop and we all head outside. We decide to bring Valreie with us.

Dr. Destruction’s ship descends and picks us up. He says that we did better than he expected, and we are part of Omega now. He tells us that we should come up with a team name, and gives us a box with wrist communicators for all of us. He takes off with MindJack and Valerie.