Session 2 – The Lair

We go to a warehouse in South Point which is our group’s base of operations. It is a crummy building in a crummy part of town.

This area was a large-scale social program where non-violent offenders were released, so there is a lot a drug trade in the area. A drug called EZ showed up here after the Visori invaded. Its side effects varied based on the biology on the person. Some people became very aggressive and violent, and many of these peple gathered in a group called The Dregs. There is another gang called the South Point Slashers who are supported by the VIsori, so they are running around with alient weapons. Finally The Family is here, essentially the mafia. The only positive thing is that the Visori don’t come here much, as it is pretty overrun by the gangs.

Dr. Destructo has set up the warehouse to have basic amenities.