Session 4 – The Undergrounders

We research more about the Undergrounders before embark down to their domain. They are numerous — no one knows how many there are. They are refugees from the Visori.

Dr. Ashur creates a device that can shrink the power source. He makes it the size of a cell phone so they can easily take it with them.

The group opens up a nearby manhole and climbs down to try and find the Undergrounder domain. We wander for quite a while and when we’ve gone a fair distance, we hear a noise and stop. Looking around, we see a bunch of men in dirty clothes hiding behind some stalagtites. One of them has a gun.

Dr. Ashur uses his mind control to take over the man with the gun, whose name is Carl. He forces the man to lower his weapon and give him information. We ask them if they know where the device is, and they say that their leader may know. Her name is Valerie.

They lead us to an underground city that is a shantytown. We go to the “nicest” shanty and meet Valerie. She is the woman we saved in the first session. She says that she may know where the device may be, but there are probably Grogs (alien crocodile-dog hybrids specifically bred to kill Undergrounders). She offers to come with us and brings several men.

We get to an area with several dead Grogs, and hear something up ahead. Dr. Ashur starts to send Carl (the controlled Undergrounder) up to see what is there, but Abaddon says that’s not a good idea. 080 goes instead, and see that there is a huge robot in the room, with scythes for hands. 080 says “Oh, nice to see a fellow robot!”

The others come in and begin to attack the robot. After a while we are able to deactivate it. Dr. Ashur reprograms it and uses his shrink ray to make it the size of an action figure so he can take it with him.

We search the laboratory and we only find some booze stashed away. The computers do not have any interesting information that we can see.

Abaddon takes the elevator up and there is something blocking the way once the door opens. It is a grandfather clock. He pushed it open and sees that this is an antique store. This must be The Terran’s hideout.

We plug the tiny power converter in and it creates a small beam that goes through the ceiling and out to the sky.