Session 10 – The Black Coachman

The Asian man introduces himself as Sun Woo Kong, a disciple of the Temple of the Monkey King in the mountains of China. When the temple was taken over by the Japanese, he fled to the US. He came to this area because he sensed a magical disturbance here, as he has some magical abilities.

The team introduces ourselves to him, and he also meets The Occultist. We urge him to change his name to make it more friendly to Americans. He chooses the moniker “Jade Monkey”.

Harry asks The Occultist more about the murderer, Cyrus. He says that he does not know his whereabouts or how he had managed to summon the Black Coachman. He assumes that we could follow up with him later.

The Occultist tells Jade Monkey that he should be able to wield the stone to de-power the Black Coachman when he returns tonight. He asks the rest of us to assist as soon as the Coachman becomes corporeal.

At thirteen minutes past midnight, the Coachman appears. Jade Monkey uses the stone and he becomes mortal. As he does this, we see Monkey pull out one of his hairs to cast the spell. He has several bald patches on his head.

Gazing at the Coachman, Harry becomes very afraid and is permanently mentally scarred (minor phobia to all demonic entities).

Nitro surges forward and strikes him with his hammer. Jade Monkey casts a spell and the ground grows up around him and captures his legs. Suddenly the Coachman grows in size and power.

We hear the sounds of an angry mob approaching and there are villagers coming down the hill with torches and pitchforks. At the same time we see a man in a white costume float down. This is Titan, a Superman-like hero from Carbon City.

Octo leaps into the fray and tries attacking the Coachman, but is not successful. Nitro swings his hammer and brings him low, and he turns into mist and disappears along with his coach and horses.

The Occultist drops his spell and the Scarlet Scourge awakens. He seems disoriented.

After this ordeal, a bolt pops off of Necros’ mask, bringing him one step toward redemption.