Session 12 – Attack on City Hall

As we run toward city hall, we see a gardened area with a pool and walkway. There are civilians here with several bad guys threatening them. Spectral Spear makes a force field around some of them so they cannot attack. Jade Monkey similarly makes an earth wall to trap two others.

We take out the others, and Jade Monkey creates a huge illusion of a dragon to scare them. One of them is so scared that he passes out.

We go to city hall and as we approach, someone from a second floor window calls out and tells us not to go through the front door, as it’s wired for explosives. Nitro immediately launches himself up with a jetpack and uppercuts him, knocking him out. Necros phases through the wall and deactivates the bomb. Nitro goes in and speaks with the mayor, letting him know that he is safe now. He introduces himself as Nitro and says that he has come on behalf of the Carbon City Sentinels.

Outside, we hear someone clapping. We see a man in an expensive suit with a long mustache, short gray hair and a monacle. He introduces himself as Mastermind, and says that we have done a great job of saving the city, but he will come back and beat us later and he won’t even have to try. Necros tries to attack him but he goes right through. Octo tries a ranged attack but it doesn’t work either.

He laughs and disappears. We head back to the OctoCave.