Session 13 – Infiltration

We are at the OctoCave, and we hear a huge explosion. We run out of the rooms we were in to see that the lift to bring vehicles up and down from the surface has exploded and been broken into by someone. The base is being infiltrated.

We see a man in armor jump down and land amidst the wreckage of the lift, and four more follow him. Strangely we recognize them as fellow heroes from Carbon City. They are the Crusader, The Ice Queen, Soothsayer, Kilowatt and Brimstone. They are ready to battle. We see that their eyes look strange. Jade Monkey senses that they are being controlled by someone magically.

Nitro, using his jetpack, flies over to them and hammers a great strike on the knight. Suddenly his attack is turned back on him in a blinding flash of light, and he goes down. The other team members make attacks with varying success. Kilowatt jumps down the hallway and crashes Jade Monkey into Octo. Brimstone then blasts them both with magic power. Necros attacks the Ice Queen. Spectral Spear grabs Nitro and tries to fly him to safety. A huge shark emerges out of the ground and bites onto the Crusader. Octo tries to attack Kilowatt but fails, and one of his arms malfunctions. Jade Monkey goes intangible and tries to get away. Octo strikes again and takes down Kilowatt. Necros goes incorporeal and then re-emerges inside the Crusader. He goes down.

The battle over, Jade Monkey heals Soothsayer and asks her who did this. She says that she doesn’t remember when it happened, but it was Mastermind who did it. Spectral Spear and Dr. Aquatic heal Nitro.