Session 14 – Find Mastermind

All of us except Necros and Spectral Spear suddenly have an ear-splitting headache and we hear the voice of the Mastermind in our head. He says “You are the only ones left who can stop me! First Carbon City, next stop the world!”

Jade Monkey uses a spell to counteract the mind control, and is able to tell that Mastermind is somewhere northeast of the city. He does not have a range, so we will need to start traveling to find him.

Necros drinks the blood of the deceased Crusader to satisfy his thirst.

Eventually we all recover from Mastermind’s telepathy. We pile into the OctoPod and drive. We get a few miles out of town and come across an abandoned Sanitorium. Jade Monkey senses that he could be here. It is 3 stories tall and very old. We start to circle around in search of a weak point, but Harry sees that the weather vane is of a strange and different design. It is moving but doesn’t seem to be moving with the wind. Nitro hurls his sickle at it and strikes it. It seems to be destroyed. Harry stops the car behind the building and turns off the power to the whole place.

Necros steps through the wall of the house and takes a look around. He is shaken by a psychic damage field that exists around the building. Jade Monkey casts a spell to control a swarm of rats and has them search through the building for any people. We hear them go through the upstairs and then into a closet. We follow and Jade Monkey casts a spell to make the rats explode without actually dying. We hear an explosion, a scream and follow the rats into the closet.

Nitro is first and sees a staircase at the back of the closet. He runs down and sees Mastermind there, pretty much the worse for wear with his clothes disheveled, his mustache singed and his monacle askew. Nitro attacks immediately. Spear goes down the stairs behind him, followed by Octo.

Octo doesn’t see anything in the room, even though Nitro looks like he just vanquished a foe. “There’s no one here,” Octo says. “Not any more,” Nitro says. Octo sees that a huge mass of power lines is coming from the floor through the ceiling. This is probably what was powering his device on the roof. He also sees a door at the back of the room. He runs for it and is immediately hit in the face with an energy blast, almost knocking him down.

Jade Monkey uses a spell and creates the illusion of dozens of superheroes, all the ones he’s seen so far, surrounding Mastermind, who is in the room with a strange device on his head. We attack and Nitro literally gives him a heart attack by striking him with the hammer in his chest. Aqua comes to help him.

Jade Monkey uses the power of Negation to take away his intelligence. He is now a drooling idiot.

We take his ray gun and his Colt 1911 with special HK ammunition.

Octo checks out the machinery in the lair and sees that this was a device to modify Mastermind’s own powers. He packs the equipment up to see if he can reverse engineer it later. He also discovers that the raygun is a Negation Ray, and takes it for his use later on.

We head back to Carbon City and begin reconstruction of the OctoLair.