Session 2 – A Night on the Town

Toxin and his gang are hauled off to jail by the police. Cane shrinks back to his normal size and finds himself without clothing. He asks Science Chimp to design him a suit that can stretch to a larger size.

We take the Monkeymobile back to Science Chimp’s lair. The chimp offers to pay for a night on the town due to our victory.

Upon our return, Proteus does some research in Science Chimp’s library for a while, and the others rest and refresh themselves. Afterwards the group goes to Romine’s on the south side at the suggestion of Cane. Gray Guardian retracts her armor into a wristband, revealing herself to be a geeky college student. Proteus begins asking about group tactics, but Avatar says that they should try and enjoy themselves. They have dinner and play some pool.

On one of the large TVs the group sees there is a newsbreak announcing a hostage situation at the Mitchell Park Domes. An anonymous tip told police that a yearly event is being held there, and no superheroes have yet been seen at the scene. Proteus tells Avatar that he should create a portal to the location so we could respond quickly. Science Chimp radios us and says that this is most likely the work of HIGHWAYMAN, a brigand who steals from people while dressed in period renaissance garb. He also has a group of “Merry Men” who help him in his crimes.

Avatar creates a portal and the group warps through to the lawn of the Domes. There is certainly a media circus going on with cameras, cops and a news helicopter. We approach and are stopped by a policeman, who comments that we look like circus freaks, and that Cane just looks like he rolled out of bed a few minutes ago. Cane responds by turning into his 15-foot tall wolf form, scaring the pants off of one of the nearby cops. Avatar apologizes for his “furry friend” and says that they are indeed superheroes. He introduces himself as Avatar, Master of Magic. The cop laughs at him, but seems to take them a bit more seriously.

The cop explains that there are maybe 10 thugs in the building along with Highwayman, and possibly 25 civilians. The group devises a way to get inside and protect the civilians. Everyone except Cane teleports in at the back of the dome to approach them from a blind side. Cane busts through the front door, attempting to take out the two men who are guarding it, but he doesn’t exactly make it all the way through. Gray Guardian, Avatar and Proteus begin to attack. Soon all of the brigands are restrained and the cops come in with guns drawn. The police captain seems impressed with the performance of us since we are “rookies.”