Session 3 – The Device

We have a pre-recorded mession on our comlinks from Dr. Destruction: “The info you brought me says tht there is a power source underneath the city that the Visori haven’t found out about. The Terran created it, and the Undergrounders (beneath the city) know its location). You will need to take a heavy piece of equipment to go along with us to make use of the power source.”

Dr. Ashur takes a look at the piece of equipment that was left for us, and sees that it will collect energy and fire it off as a concentrated stream. He tries to reverse-engineer it, but is not able to.

Session 2 – The Lair

We go to a warehouse in South Point which is our group’s base of operations. It is a crummy building in a crummy part of town.

This area was a large-scale social program where non-violent offenders were released, so there is a lot a drug trade in the area. A drug called EZ showed up here after the Visori invaded. Its side effects varied based on the biology on the person. Some people became very aggressive and violent, and many of these peple gathered in a group called The Dregs. There is another gang called the South Point Slashers who are supported by the VIsori, so they are running around with alient weapons. Finally The Family is here, essentially the mafia. The only positive thing is that the Visori don’t come here much, as it is pretty overrun by the gangs.

Dr. Destructo has set up the warehouse to have basic amenities.

Session 1 – Welcome to Omega

Sometime in the last two days, the aliens slapped us in chains. We were all independently captured. We were put on a transport going downtown, probably to a transport to space to be dissected.

Roland is a well-educated man with glasses in his mid-30s, who doesn’t look like he has been outside the university. He looks sickly.

Abaddon has black plastic looking skin, sort of like an action figure in a black trench coat. There is no heat coming off of him — he is the same temperature as the vehicle we are in, which is strange.

Matt is an older gentleman with a nice suit. He has graying hair and is wearing gloves. Glints of metal can be seen on him.

080 is a silver looking android with green energy.  He does not appear to have any weapons.

The ship crashes and there is blood and smoke everywhere. The guards have all been killed, and there is a huge hole in the ship. Doctor Destruction, the most powerful super-villain in the world, asks us if we want to live. 080 asks who he is, and he is not amused.

DD asks us to be part of Omega, of which he is the leader. His minions place radio receivers on our nullifiers, and he opens the back hatch, making all of us fall out. He psychically tells us that if we agree to help him break out another super-villain named MindJack from a prison camp, he will free us. Begrudginly, we all agree and the radio recievers catch a signal that detonates the nullifiers, setting us free. Abaddon immediately teleports back to the transport, then teleports to the ground. The rest of us hit the ground on a tin roof, not softly but we are not hurt. Roland has turned into a giant snarling wolf. The rest of us look at him in terror and disgust.

Everyone is a bit dazed, but we jump down and start on our “mission”. As we descend there are a group of Drones, faceless automatons with rifles on their arms and claws. They move to attack us, and we take them all out. 080 gets hit, and after the battle gets up and says an expletive loudly.

Abaddon dissolves the door to the building and 080 walks in. He tells the guards that he requires one of their prisoners and that no violence is necessary, but immediately discharges a shock attack that takes three of them out. Matt mind controls the last one, and has him shoot himself in the head. We see MindJack in one of the cells and a woman named Valerie calls out and asks us to free her, saying that she has resistance ties. 

Roland (as Fenrir) bursts into the room and begins tearing into the prisoners. Matt mind controls him to stop and we all head outside. We decide to bring Valreie with us.

Dr. Destruction’s ship descends and picks us up. He says that we did better than he expected, and we are part of Omega now. He tells us that we should come up with a team name, and gives us a box with wrist communicators for all of us. He takes off with MindJack and Valerie.

Session 53 – A New Age

Porodo fires a catapult at Necros, but he is not bothered. Necros begins to pay attention to Eilenos, however, as he smites all of the evil creatures around him in a blaze of holy glory, destroying scores of them.

Porodo shoots an arrow into Grom’s head, doing 98 damage. Grom is not happy.

Imra casts “embiggening” on Eilenos and he grows large, getting stronger and tougher. He strikes at Necros but Necros isn’t fazed.

A beam of light comes from the heavens and lands next to Grom. The biggest Dwarf we’ve ever seen emerges — it’s Krodmich! He strikes a mighty blow on Grom and screams “Get off of my field!”

Nadia, Charon and Berethenu also strike good hits on Grom. Grom strikes back, sweeping Nadia and Berethenu and causing massive damage on both of them.

Necros is taunting Eilenos, which frustrates him, and his attacks have been ineffectual. He says “I don’t need Berethenu’s help to defeat you.” He drops his sword and reaches out with his mind, attempting to control the nearby zombies to his will. Necros looks afraid as Eilenos begins to win in the battle of wills — he sees in his mind all of the threads of control Necros has over the zombies, and is able to tap into and control them. They begin to attack the evil forces. He doesn’t notice, however, that Berethenu’s armor falls off of him as he does this. The other characters notice that there is a purple haze of evil magic that is coalescing between the two, and finally cocooning around Eilenos.

Sarthisis creates a portal underneath Grom, and he falls through. It empties him from the sky and he falls hundreds of feet directly on top of the cloud where Necros and Eilenos were. Imra uses her elemental powers to blow the fog away, and they see that Necros has been utterly destroyed by Grom. However, Grom gets to his feet after the fall. Stranger still is that where Eilenos was standing is now a knight of chaos, wearing corrupted armor and holding a tainted sword.

Charon gets an idea and jumps through the portal, drawing his swords and doing an acrobatic flip on top of Grom and stabbing him deep through the chest.  However, the force of the fall hurts him greatly — but Sarthisis magically takes the damage to himself and falls unconscious. Imra rushes to heal him.

Eilenos taps into his new abilities and enhances several nearby zombies.

The battle continues for more than an hour, and it is a rout — the evil forces have been defeated. Eilenos shuts down all of the zombies, and they fall. Josephus, or Enigwa, as he is properly known, goes to Necros and Grom. He calls all of us to them, and says that we have fulfilled our duty.

Porodo has his rangers, he says…Sarthisis has taken control of the realm of flame. Krodmich has been brought back to reclaim his throne of Iron Hallow Hall. Grom has made too much war over Juravia, and overstepped his bounds. Charon, who has shown his valor, will become the new god of war. He says that he doesn’t know what to do with Eilenos…he assumes that if he misueses his power, he will take it away. As part of this, he must right the wrongs that Necros perpetrated on the Elves. Eilenos agrees. He says that Nadia will be brought back to life and will be the new god of justice. Imra will become the queen of the elves.

He says that he could have fixed the wrongs of his own famly by himself, but he wanted us to have free will to fix things since it is our world. He hopes that we will continue to do the right thing with the power we have gained, for the betterment of all.

Enigwa then fades away.


Session 52 – The Siege of Skraag

Eilenos visits the local temple of Berethenu looking for some guidance. He causes quite a stir as he has come in with his full armor on. The parishioners point and whisper. The priest approaches and asks if he is indeed the champion of Berethenu. 

The rest of the group are just hanging around the city.

Suddenly the whole team is simultaneously transported to a mountaintop in a large mountain range. We seem to be in the mountain range just outside of Skraag. We are north of there, and are not sure how far. All of our compatriots are with us, including Nadia and the king of Dunmeshi, all of the mustered forces, and Josephus who looks more “with it” than he usually does. He looks like he has a plan.

Josephus addresses us the whole group and says, “We are about to embard on a monumental task. The Dwarven kingdom has been infested with creatures born of Grom, and I have underestimated my son’s desire to populate Juravia with his people. He, along with his brother Necros, have caused this chaos and now I need your help to set things right.”

We agree, somewhat shocked of the revelation that we have been in the presence of the All-Father himself, and that Josephus was him all along.

Josephus tells us that we are about a day’s march from Skraag, and since he is not a tactician he needs our help to do that. He casts a haste spell on Porodo’s best rangers, and they take off ahead of us to scout out the route. They have speaking stones with them, so they can report back immediately.

We have 8 pieces of siege equipment including towers, catapults and rams.

The scouts return and give us the exact layout of the city. It is in between mountains and there is only one pass coming north to the city, and it is on a narrow ridge. Our siege machines will not easily fit here. We decide to sneak in and break their defenses therefore allowing our forces to ride and teleport in unopposed to finish the job.

Porodo and some of his rangers climb up the east wall and go to the tower; Sarthisis flies up here as well. Imra flies up to the mountain and asks the Eagles there for help, and they agree. The Shadow Hunters climb up the west wall, preparing to rain arrows down on the city. Eilenos waits with Nadia and the king of Dunmeshi at the bottom of the mountain with the cavalry, awaiting the battle to start and ride in to attack. The other forces are further down the mountain, and will be teleported into the city by Sarthisis and Josephus.

Porodo communicates with his rangers and tells them to start firing flaming arrows into the city. Once Eilenos sees this, he rides in with the cavalry and breaks through the gate, attacking the enemy. Nadia is particularly effective, slaying enemy after enemy while gaining barely a scratch, inspiring our fighters to a frenzy. Sarthisis opens portals to the elemental plane of fire and they swallow the biggest enemies, the trolls, and their siege equipment, then he begins shooting fire into the crowd. Eagles swoop down from the mountain and pick off random orcs. The orcs are taking huge losses and the battle seems to be going in our favor.

Suddenly the ground begins to rumble and a group of orcs comes pouring out of the gates of Iron Hallow Hall. The orcs are screaming that “there are stuntees in the deep!” We see the dwarves are attacking from inside the mountain.

The shaking worsens and the ground in the Hearth Plain inside of the city cracks open. Berethenu breaks through the earth and flies a hundred feet or more in the air. Following him is the huge, gnarled form of Grom himself who climbs out with his legions of demons. Behind them comes Ennar and a group of his demon hunters. There is a purple necrotic mist that descends over the area, rotting everything. Just then, the huge form of Necros descends from the clouds.

The battle is joined!

Session 51 – Mustering Forces

We decide to head back to Dunmeshi Castle. Sarthisis simply thinks it, and a portal opens to the castle.

About a month has passed since we left. The king says that the ruling council of Darnya was possessed by a cabal of demons. This is why they were acting hostile recently. Aliga went and figured this out (likely meaning that he slew all of the affected council members), and is staying there to help out as the loss of the council has caused a power vacuum.

We meet with the king and Josephus, and they let us know that the forces are mustering to take on Skraag, but it will take a while. The Jungle Protector, Black Mountain Brewing Brigade, the Wood-Elves, the Corsair Queen, and the Kingdom of Hamsburg will likely come to our aid.

Session 50 – Into the Fire

We continue across the bridge, and go left down a path. Nearby we see a circle with a fire in the middle, and several cultists in a circle doing a chant. We immediately move to attack and take them out.

We take out several, and the elementals that they conjure. Finally htere is only one left, but he is wounded. Imra uses her mental powers to read his mind, trying to determine where the flame lord is. Among his thoughts of his injuries she is able to determine that the flame lord is nearby.

Porodo fires off an arrow at the guy, striking with 104 damage, which blasts him into another dimension consisting only of pain and suffering for the rest of all eternity.

The plunder includes 3 magical daggers and cloaks.

We continue on up the path, and soon come to the end where the giant statue stands. Below it is the flame lord, standing over a dozen feet tall and holding a huge sword, in front of a giant basalt throne.


Imra uses her magic to shrink him down to size, but he immediately grows back to his former size again. Nadia runs forward and strikes him with her sword, which actually damages him. Eilenos strikes him as well and wounds him, but it only seems to make him angry. Porodo shoots an arrow dead into him, but it just buries itself in his armor.

We continue fighting him, and finally Porodo strikes him again and Sarthisis hits him with a blast that knocks him down. He is unconscious.

We hear from Sarthisis’ bag a cheering sound. The fire staff is telling him to take the Flame Lord’s power. Sarthisis goes to him and stabs him, and fire comes out of the Flame Lord and into him. There is a nova of flame that erupts from him.

Sarthisis is now the flame lord of the second realm, and is completely immune to fire and fire attacks. Once he sits on the basalt throne, he can sense everything that is happening in the realm of fire, and what the other flame lords are doing. He can also sense the flame lords that are on other planes. He can create portals from the plane of fire to anywhere on Juravia that he has previously visited, and can create a portal back. Others can also travel with him. He can sense when people are tapping into elemental fire, and can grant them power or take it away.

Sarthisis takes the fire staff out of his pack and tries to break it. The former elemental tries to ask for mercy but he breaks it, and she screams in terror.

The group briefly discusses whether to let the former flame lord live, but Sarthisis levitates him into the fire. He regaions consciousness as he burns to death. He takes with him several magical items, as we didn’t search him before putting him into the fire.

We take his great sword, and in addition there are several magic items in a box nearby; a pair of spider boots, the Tome of the Unseen (invisibility spell), a magical fire saber, and two potions of healing, $300k of coins and $7k of gems.

Session 49 – Into the Fire

Porodo sees that the nearby tracks go to a wall. There is a small hole on the wall and Sarthisis presses into it. A doorway opens and a cavern ascends.

At the top we go across a wooden bridge over the falls. In the center there is a platform with a huge pile of gold on it.

As we walk onto the platform, Eilenos sees a fire drake descending upon us and tries to attack it, but his sword bounces off its scales.

The others move to attck but the drake buffets its wings and tries to blow us off the platform. Eilenos is taken off guard and falls backward 20 feet down into the lava, and is seriously hurt.

The others continue attacking and Charon jumps on his back. Sarthisis sets several elementals on him as well.

Due to his fire invulnerability ring, Eilenos is able to recover and climbs up the platform. He strikes the drake in the belly, and the drake strikes with his tail. Eilenos strikes again and takes him down.

We loot the area but don’t care too much about the gold. Sarthisis takes some jewels, but there are also several magical items: a wand of mini fireballs, which Charon takes. Also a pendant of awareness, a dagger, and a blunderbus.

The blunderbus also comes with an “instruction manual” which Josephus looks at. He says that the book is about the lost art of gunsmithing, which the Dwarves haven’t done for generations. We give the gun to Josephus for him to use.

Session 48 – Into the Fire

We all gear up with rings of fire protection given to us by the Dunmeshi. With them we take no damage from background heat (the temperature in the Realms of Fire), 4 points of armor against direct heat attacks, we can walk through lava unharmed, and we have a +2 trait roll bonus against fire spells.

We open up the portal to the Realms of Fire and jump through. We immediately feel the heat and see fire all around us. We proceed across a bridge that goes over a river of flame. Ahead of us we see a huge statue that is “crying” lava and looks like it is screaming.

Suddenly there is a booming voice, which we assume to be the local Flame Lord, that tells us if we want to fight, we can, but it is ultimately fruitless. We may win, but in the end the spirit trapped in the staff will betray and kill us all. He suggests that we ditch her and team up with him to defeat one of the other flame lords.

We consider it briefly, but decline (since he is surely lying to us as well) and rush to attack. We go across a lava floe to an island of ash, where a dozen or so normal looking desert-garbed dervish warriors are around a camp fire.

Two hydras ascend out of the lava pool and we strike them down.

Eilenos, struggling to get across the lava, is suddenly blinked to the middle of the battle and strikes down one of the soldiers. This was probably Josephus helping out with a quick teleportation spell.

Session 46 – The Wood Elves

The elves give us supplies including some magical items. We are also given a guide who will help take us through the forest. Before we can depart, sentries come in from the forest and sound the alarm — six dragons are inbound and ready to attack!

Sarthisis relates that there are several types of dragons. It appears that the ones coming are Swamp Dragons, and they spray noxious fumes. As they come closer, we see that the dragons have riders upon them. There is one huge dragon and five smaller ones. They fan out to attack.

Sarthisis sends air elementals and fireballs toward them. The big dragon descends and the rider lances Eilenos, and the dragon shoots its noxious breath at us. Eilenos barely gets out of the way in time, but is wounded. Imra uses a spell on the big dragon and it shrinks to the size of a large dog. It climbs out from beneath the saddle and rider. Sarthisis roasts it (and nearly Eilenos as well) with a fireball. Charon jumps out of a tree and stabs one dragon, killing it instantly. He jumps off the dragon to safety before it hits the ground. The other dragons and riders are dealt with.

Eilenos believes that Marta, the goddess of beasts, has taken sides against us. She must have sent the dragons and the riders.

Imra thanks Sarthisis for using her during the battle.

We go to Anthal and let him know that we are heading out. Our guide comes with us. It takes 3 days of walking to exit the forest, and we head into a small town called Sundale. The guide says that we should go to Fort Stone. The road will take us to Dunmeshi. It will take us four days to get there from here.

The doorman at Dunmeshi doesn’t let us in, though we describe our mission and ask to speak to the master of the keep. We tell him that we are adventuring on behalf of the king of Iron Hallow Hall, Krodmich, but he doesn’t believe us because Krodmich is not with us. We mention Josephus, and suddenly he appears through a portal. He gives Eilenos a huge battle-axe and asks him to “Hold Krodmich for a moment.” Eilenos is startled, but assents. The guards recognize Josephus and let us all in to the city.

Session 45 – The Wood Elves

We head into town and buy a horse and cart. While there, we hear from the locals that there are Wood Elves in the forest that are wild and potentially dangerous. Josephus advises us to stay close to the river as we travel.

Setting off, we travel for a while and soon Porodo finds human tracks going to and from the river. However, we don’t see anyone and feel it is safe to bed down here for the night. During first watch, Aliga hears something and sees four humanoids to the north. He quietly wakes the rest of the group.

The humanoids are a group of elves, and they don’t seem particularly friendly. They ask us what we are doing there. We tell them of our quest and they actually know of Josephus. They invite us to their village. They are a tribe from Trevenfal, and have separated from their brethren in Elleday due to a fundamental schism.

The elves escort us to their home. As we travel, the plants bend to get out of our way and let us through. We see the tree city up ahead, but the trees do not look natural. Above us we see many walkways. They bring us to rooms that are meant for visitors. We drop our things and they take us up to the city center on a lift. We go through the market and up another lift to a building with large spires and a blue energy field around it.

We are taken up inside and there are many guards with natural looking armor. There is an elder sitting on a wooden throne, wearing a cloak of leaves. His name is Anthal. We tell him about our plans, and he offers to help us get to the castle. He will also help us retake Skraag when the time comes!

Session 44 – Hamsburg

We see humanoid figures in the dark, probably less than twenty of them. Several fighters seem to be out in the front area of the house.

We see a figure behind the house glowing with fire. Sarthisis hits him with three fireballs, but they do not seem to affect him. The figure responds with a huge blast of fire that injures Sarthisis. He blacks out and begins attacking the party. He manages to miss Porodo by pure force of will.

We defeat the fighters and then team up to kill the wizard. He goes down after a brief battle. We check him and he has a magical scourge (a cat o’ nine tails) called the Scourge of Unhealing Flesh, staff, Cloak of Greater Protection, and non-magical manacles. His followers were carrying a non-magical symbol that looks like a scourge with manacles attached to them. Charon takes the magical flail.

The staff seems to have some fire powers that it gives to Sarthisis as he wields it. Suddenly it speaks to him — the staff is sentient! She says her name is Ilira the Igniter, and is the spirit of a Flame Lord. She is trapped within the staff and wants our help to be released. Porodo asks her how she can help us in return. She says that there can be only six Flame Lords at a time, and that they are not necessarily evil. If we take out Cinder, the flame lord who destroyed her body, she will take his power and then help us clear Iron Hallow Hall of orks. To get to Cinder, we must travel to the elemental plane of fire. She can take us there.

Josephus suggests that we leave for Hampton, northwest of here, through Jagen’s Wood. Hampton is the most powerful of the Five Kingdoms — rich and with military might. Josephus says that we should meet him at Dunmeshi Castle, which is closer to Scragg. He needs to leave to attend other business. He enters a small portal and disappears.

Session 43 – Hamsburg

Walking through the razed town, we don’t see anyone else alive after the orc attack. The group tries to check for a trail where the orcs may have come from, but we can’t find anything.

On the other side of town, we see a farmstead off in the distance. Above us, there are clouds massing for an oncoming storm. We think that perhaps it may be magical in origin, but the senses of the people in the group say otherwise.

We head toward the farmhouse and on the way we see orc tracks going through the fields. As we get closer to the house, we don’t see any more orc tracks but there are human boot prints everywhere here.

Aliga checks the house and finds nothing. Porodo goes in the basement and there are barrels of rotten food, but he finds a trapdoor underneath one of the barrels. He calls the rest of the group down.

We open the trapdoor and it is a shaft that descends for quite a ways. Eilenos descends first and sees that there is a long stone hall. The others come down and we start searching around.

We hear a scratching nearby, but we’re not sure what it is. We go through a door and there is another stone room with a basin in the center. Next to that is a forge. Another couple of rooms on this floor do not have anyone in them. In the south room there is a spiral staircase that descends.

On the lower floor there is what appears to be a chapel or worship area with pews and an altar. Sarthisis has his lizard knock over the altar to see if anything is underneath, but there is nothing.

A room off to the right appears like a bedroom. There is a loose brick in the wall and behind it seems to be some magical items. We open it up and there are several items here:

Small book – green leather with a tree on it
Brown leather (larger) – beasts on the cover
Brown leather – screaming face. This is a torture journal.
Scroll — non-magical, a list of 15 names. Off to the side there are names of seven places.
Slaver’s shackles — magical shackles that slow the person down
Sack full of gold

The text references “Malignus” who Eilenos remembers as a follower of Galignan and Necros. He amassed power and wealth and an army of followers. This group must be a cult of his followers. The book has dates of all of the torture victims. One of the names, Carter, is listed in the book and rings a bell. Porodo remembers Carter was one of his rangers. Unfortunately he was likely killed here about three months ago.

In the next room there are a bunch of torture victims. We free two of them, an elf and a Merikii and two seem to be okay. They say that they were kidnapped by cultists, but they seem to have left recently. We find their stuff in a nearby chest and they gear back up.

The new people, Charon and Imra, meet Nadia and Josephus. Josephus says that they have the touch of destiny about them, and that they should come with us.

The weather hasn’t changed, and it is still raining hard, so we decide to stay here for the night. Aliga is nominated to watch, and in the middle of the night he sees something outside and wakes the rest of the group.

Session 42 – Hamsburg

We sail from Nyambe to the Five Kingdoms. We arrive in Rodare in the country of Hamsburg, and dock. However, we see smoke off in the distance and realize that the city is under attack. We rush off of the docks area and into a building where we see villagers being attacked by savage men.

The group, including Josephus, jumps into the fray and starts taking down the men one by one. Eilenos fires off his crossbow and misses, and then is blindsided by one of the savages, who takes him down to the ground. Sarthisis turns and immolates the man with a firebolt, and Josephus rushes to heal Eilenos.

We hear a loud noise and suddenly a giant wyvern descends into the area and begins to attack us. Porodo climbs up a building and attacks him with his sword, but jumps off the building, injuring himself.

The ground begins shaking and through the earth comes a huge ork, collapsing part of the building in the process. He immediately attacks Krodmich and knocks him down. The ork brings his huge double axe down on Krodmich and it creates a swath of ice for more than 30 feet. Everyone manages to get out of the way, but a giant icicle goes through Krodmich’s chest.

Sarthisis aims his magical weaponry at the wyvern and torches it in a ball of flame.

Eilenos and Aliga team up on the ork and cut him to ribbons.

We rush to Krodmich and try to tend to his wounds, but Josephus shakes his head gravely and says that nothing can be done. With his dying words, Krodmich says that we must take his axe to Skraag and free his homeland. Josephus bends down next to Krodmich and waves his hands over him. His body turns to dust and disappears into a small pouch that Josephus carries.

Sarthisis cuts the wyvern’s head and tail stinger off to take it with him.

We look over the fishing village and find no survivors. We think about it, and we believe this was a deliberate trap that was set for us by Grom.

Session 9 – The Goop

A short while later on the way to Beloit, we stop for the evening in a house that Cody found, that seems to be in good shape. During the first watch, however, Ian suddenly feels a strange goopy substance dripping onto his head. Soon it is completely covering him and it is burning him terribly.

The rest of the group wakes up and tries to get it off of him with little success. The goop seems to dodge any physical attacks, moving itself out of the way, and water has no effect.

Ian falls to the floor and thrashes around, amazingly getting away from it. At the same time, Dusty hits it with a lit torch. After several minutes and a long battle, we finally kill it.

Ian grabs all of his stuff and goes outside, then beds down in a nearby abandoned car. Dusty and Cody search around in nearby homes for clothes, and are able to find some pants and a flannel shirt for Ian. Luckily his boots were untouched.

We sleep the rest of the night and then start looking around the town as soon as it is morning. We consult the map and head down toward the river to see if there are any caves.

Cody and Dusty check out the cave, and Alex follows. It’s clear that something was here, but it is completely cleared out now. There is no trace of anything.

We head out, and suddenly we see that Ian is being held up by several people with guns. They tell us to drop our weapons, and we comply.

Session 8 – Sleeping with the Alien

Alex relates his tale:

“I have existed on this planet for 137 days, however my species and my race is millions or billions of years old. Our planet was dying; our resources were used up, so my species built an ark. We couldn’t actually put all of the life forms on the space ship, however we could put their genetic sequences in stasis. So, the ‘fire hydrant’ we came across is one of these containers that has these samples. The people who found it were able to open it and get infected, which is why they were sick.

I was a scientist on the planet and did not go on the ship, but my genetic material did. The ship was looking for an arid planet like ours, and it would first reconstruct our scientists (like me) to help restart the species. That was the original plan.

I don’t know exactly what happened, but I’ve been able to guess that for whatever reason, our spaceship crashed on your planet about the time of the solar flare, which means that the flare probably caused us to crash.

So, whatever it was, something caused us to crash here, but this is not where we want to be, since it is far too humid. Whatever caused us to crash also broke our technology — my pod was supposed to be functional days after we landed, but it has been several years.

There could be another one of my race near Beloit, according to the research that Simon did.

Some of the other things on your planet, like the seekers, are unfamiliar to you but is familiar ot me. The seekers are smaller on our world and live in the desert. The ‘blue’ is something that we created to amplify our psychic power, and is a beneficial parasite. But here it has mutated to combine with the original virus and made something else. I was able to fight off the infection myself, but it took some time.

I was not able to find any others of my race, so this report near Beloit is the only other lead I have for another survivor. That being the case, we should find this other Purana. This is what we call ourselves.

Both of our races are clearly in danger, and I hope that we can work together to save us all.

As technology goes, I have no power source left, as the last of it was used up to heal Cody. It could have lasted for years keeping my hologram up, but it is now gone. I can protect myself and do some healing, but I don’t have much offensive capability.

When I awoke I found some books in a nearby structure and began to learn and observe your species. I spent the first 50 of your solar cycles trying to remain hidden and watching you. I tried copying weapons from books and things I saw, but I abhor violence so this does not come naturally to me.”

We stay the night here. The next morning, we decide to first help Alex to camouflage his stuff, and then we are going to head down to the Beloit area, but first we need to get back to the compound to re-supply.

We get back to the compound and Alex goes undetected back to his room to pick things up. The rest of us gear up. Cody gets Alex a shotgun, but since he has never used one before, he needs some training.

Alex is trying to create a way to track the alien metal, to make finding the other Purana easier, but it is slow going. Dusty attempts to train his pet wolf to track it, as well.These efforts are slow, so we have them continue as we travel.

We stay off of the beaten path, and make 20 miles in the first day by going west on Hwy 100 and then working our way south.

The next morning we head out and try to make it as far as Muskego. We find part of a portable radio. That evening, Alex is able to make a rudimentary alien metal detector.

The next night, we are able to find a garage in the side of a hill, which is secure and also nice and cool.

During day 3, Cody notices the glint of a gun up on a hill pointing down on us. He tries to roll off to the side and hide, but they fire on him and he is hit. He raises up his gun and fires, taking the guy out.

After we take one more out, there are a few more shots and then everything suddenly goes quiet. After a few minutes, we go up and search their bodies. The others seem to have run off. We find two .22 rifles and a total of 27 rounds of ammunition, as well as a canteen and a knife.

We calm the horses down and gather ourselves, then get a move on.

Session 7 – The Falls

Since we have found the items we needed and are exhausted and hurt from the battle with the Blues, we decide that we’ll need a spot to hunker down and get some rest for a while. Dusty remembers that there  is a place further west on Bluemound that may be a good spot for us.

We arrive at our destination, an apartment building complex, and start to unpack our belongings to get ready for the evening. Cody sets up his tent on top of the building and a few of us sleep there in case someone is in the building. After we are unpacked, Cody says that he is tired and will be turning in early, and asks the others to take an extra watch.

In the morning we notice that Cody and Alex are moving a bit more slowly than normal. Dusty asks Alex what is going on, and he says that it has been a hard trip but he’ll be okay. Cody is sticking closer to the group than normal as well.

We are able to get to the library by the end of the day, and we don’t get jumped by anything. On the way, however, Dusty notices that Alex has some strange green spots on his skin. The spots seem to be blurry or fading in and out. Simon doesn’t notice at all. The library staff notices it right away and freaks out a bit, but he explains it away as an allergic reaction. They are also alarmed to see a tiger, bear and wolf with us, so Ned keeps the tiger and the bear outside.

Simon offers to help research Alex’s condition, and he agrees and asks him to also look into the strange artifact we found. Cody helps out and it seems like people are finding other metallic items with strange markings. They have made recordings of the markings and they don’t seem to be like anything we’ve seen before.

Ned attempts to retrain the tiger, as this is the same tiger that he trained for a while when it was a cub. Surprisingly the tiger quickly starts to regain some of the familiarity with commands even though it’s been quite a while since it was trained and it has been cooped up and scared.

Steven Riggenback is our contact at the library.

Simon finds a passage in one journal regarding finding a den somewhere near Beloit that contained a strange metal tube (with working lights on it), and inside they believed it to be an alien. Before they could explore it much, small robots appeared and drove them off. Simon researches more accounts from the Beloit  area to see if any other info can be gleaned.

The next morning, Cody takes Simon aside and tells him that he must have been bitten in the recent battle, because his skin is turning blue. He shows Simon his arm and it is already badly infected. Simon says that he will do some more research quickly and then we should get going to the compound to see if the artifact can help to heal Cody.

During his research, Simon begins charting the location of all of these strange reports to see if there is a nexus of alien technology.

As we are heading out, Alex says that we need to head northwest to Menomonee  Falls to find some more alien technology. He believes that something is there that could heal Cody, and he has researched and thinks he knows how to operate it. He declines to say how he knows that it is there; Simon asks “Did the aliens tell you it was there?” and he sarcastically (or not) says that they did.

On our way to Falls, we are jumped by a group of giant feral wolves. One of them falls right in front of Simon and he shoots it in the gut, killing it. Before we can make further attacks however, automatic fire showers the area and all of the wolves lie dead at our feet.

We see a group of men surrounding us and prepare to surrender, but they seem to be friendly. Cody runs up and embraces one of them…they are apparently members of his old group and are very well armed. They are currently camped at Lapham Peak and are coming downtown to trade.

Cody explains that he rolled with them after the event but there were disagreements so he split off.

We continue on and reach the Falls in the evening. Alex takes us into the sewer and there is alien tech everywhere. Simon asks how he knew these things were here, and Alex explains that he is an alien. He presses a button and shimmers, revealing two extra arms and pitch black eyes. Simon is super excited, saying that he has read sci-fi since he was young and that this is the greatest day of his life.

Everyone has questions, but for now we need to concentrate on saving Cody. Alex is able to activate the machine to heal him, but he needs to use his chameleon device to do it, which means he will not be able to use it again.

He starts to explain, saying that our races need to work together if we are to survive…

Session 6 – Tiger Trap

We pack up our things and travel to Timmerman Airport, to a large locked hangar. After almost killing himself climbing up on the roof, Cody breaks in and lets the rest of us in. We see two pristine propellor planes. We get fire extinguishers from the planes and check the fuel levels — there is fuel, but it is low. Since the planes have never been raided, there are a lot of sundries here and 16 gallons of oil in a 30-gallon drum. Since it is so heavy, we’ll have to come back another time for the oil. We stay the night here.

Traveling through the next day, we stop at an office building near Bluemound Road that seems not to have been raided yet either. We break into a door off of the loading bay and check it out. We find a travel iron in its case. Venturing into the next room of the building, Ian and Simon hear a growl. Thinking that it’s a Blue, Simon tells everyone to get out and they do, except for Cody who stays frozen. He asks Ned and Dusty to come in, and they do, cautiously. They see that a large tiger is trapped in the building. Ned goes in and tries to calm it down. As he is doing this, Cody is searching the room and finds a gun rack attached to the wall. After breaking the lock on the rack, he sees that one of them is salvageable but needs some work. He also finds a safe in the wall nearby, but he can’t break the lock.

In the next room, Alex finds a file cabinet with the schematics for the warehouse, and Cody looks and finds the location of the things we need. We venture into the warehouse and look for the correct row. Ned still is working with the tiger.

Ahead in the warehouse Ian and Cody see a sinkhole in the floor near where they have to go, and walk around it. As they approach, a bunch of Blues and spiders appear from the sinkhole, crawling up from underground. They begin attacking and Cody jumps to fight them.


The fight is joined, and suddenly Alex makes an inhuman sound and all of the enemies freeze. We start taking them down but they are encroaching on us, so we disengage and run outside. Cody attempts to climb up one of the shelves. Luckily, the Blues follow us outside and we are able to pick them off one at a time.

Now that they are taken care of, we search the warehouse for more supplies.

Session 4 – Family Matters

This is the third or fourth swap meet, and there are more people here than before.

Towards the gate we are hearing a commotion. Ian gets a strange look on his face and asks everyone to come with him, except for Simon and Dusty who he asks to stay and watch the cart.

Ian heads up towards the cart and they are trying to kick someone off, saying that they are “infected”. The bear helps clear people out of the way.

Ian is positive that the woman is his wife, but she is unconscious and has a strange scar on her forehead. They ask Ian who he is, and he says that the woman is his wife and was killed two years ago.

They say that can’t be the case, because her name is Fiona. Ian shows them the pictures of the two of them together and of their son, Travis. The man says that they found her washed up on the lake shore, unconscious, and helped her out. Ian asks what is wrong with her now, and the man tells him quietly that she was bitten by a Blue.

Alexander gives her a sedative and she seems to be resting more comfortably.

The officials, carrying large guns, tell the crowd to disperse and go about their business. They ask what is going on, and Ian asks if they have a doctor who could look at her. They agree, for a price, and send for him.

We take her away from the commotion and speak to the people. They are apparently the people who were calling for help on our way here and we didn’t stop to assist them. Alexander says that she is not infected, but they say that’s impossible because she was definitely bitten.

The officials say that Alexandra has to go into a jail cell since she was bitten. Ian agrees, but says that he will go in with her. He asks Simon to be in charge of trading things for the group.

We look through several booths and see quite a lot of stuff, including some submachine gun rounds but no guns.

Cody sees that one of the vendors is someone he knows, named Daisy. She has about a dozen 50 caliber rounds that they found at a military base, but there is no gun to use them with.

We are looking to trade our 12 batteries and a generator for some stuff. We trade 2 of the batteries and Cody’s brass knuckles. We trade 3 more for a 5 pound container of liquid propane, 2 quarts of motor oil, and a baseball bat taken by Dusty.

Another vendor has a few uninteresting items but Cody asks if he has anything behind the counter. He does, and it ends up being a 50 caliber machine gun. We trade the generator for the gun, and give him a battery to bribe him to say he never sold it to us. He says to come back anytime and ask for him. He introduces himself to us as Hugo Altimas, and says to come back anytime.

We spent 2 more batteries on a chainsaw, a pair of boots, and 15 rifle rounds.

Another 2 batteries gets us a music box, Irish whiskey, binoculars, and a can of tennis balls.

Back in the cell, Ian’s wife wakes up and suddenly remembers Ian, making the situation very awkward. She explains that she fled the encampment during the attack and was shot and fell in the lake. She also reveals that she was pregnant during the attack and now has a daughter who is his, named Brianna. Ian offers to take in all of them, including Alexandra’s friends.

The doctor says that she is completely fine, and is really astonished. He asks to draw some blood and she agrees.

The rest of the group comes back to see Ian and Simon sees Alexandra for the first time, and is astonished. Ian explains the situation to the group and Alexandra introduces her companions, Adele Hazelwood, Larry Cifuentes, and Paul Woods.

Ian says that we will head out to pick up Alexandra’s two other companions Isabella and Damian, and Ian’s daughter, along with some other supplies on the way back to the settlement.

We decide to stay the night before we head out. Around the campfire the leader of the settlement, a man covered with tattoos, discusses what’s going on with us. He, Ian and Cody start talking about how we can help one another with things like trade routes, safe zones, communication, and protection from the Seekers.

Communication will be the first plan; we will start with animal trainers and birds, and then afterwards set up some wired or wireless communications. We will meet in one month to discuss further, at 175 and North Avenue.

Session 3 – Wolf Leash

We continue on toward downtown but suddenly hear Seekers in the area, huge monsters with tentacles. Alexander says that they are attracted to electricity. We find a place to hide in a 12×12 container. There is a door; Ian opens it and is immediately grabbed by a humanoid creature with fur and tusks.


We fight the creatures off but can’t leave, as we still still hear the Seekers off in the distance. The room has a horrible smell, but there is some salvage here as it looks like this place . We find a 9mm pistol, a journal, a police baton, a dog’s leash, some disposable razors, a mountain bike and some sort of strange black fire hydrant.

Cody reads the journal and it contains a lot of gibberish, but at one time the author seems to have been human. It describes their descent into mutation and madness, and it all seems to have been caused by the fire hydrant over the course of a month or so.

Alexander tries to figure it out by pressing a few buttons, and it lights up and opens, and a small container emerges. We determine that it would be too dangerous so he figures out how to close it and we will take it with us.

In the morning, we check for baddies again and head out. Later that day we finally get to the swap meet.

The meet is at 72nd and Ryan Road at and old prison, and it is a little surprising because we’ve never seen this many people in one place in a while. There are men manning huge machine guns, defending the place. It seems like they have food everywhere.

Ian thinks that he sees his wife in the crowd, and goes to the gate to check.

Session 2 – Bridges

We find out about a regular swap meet at 68th Street and Ryan Road, near the old prison, where we can trade about 20 miles from the town, and we have an inkling to visit and barter some things.

Our chemist, Alexander, has been making some batteries that we want to trade. Unfortunately they are several times the size of batteries from a few years ago and not as powerful.

We are concerned about how to transport the batteries, since they are almost 300 pounds all together. We procure a wagon and some horses to take us to the swap meet, and begin the long trip down.

We go east to cross the Milwaukee river, but we’ve heard that there are such things as coyotes, other wild animals and also abnormal things like giant ants or blue zombies in the city. The “blues” eat animals and humans alike.

We cross the river at Locust, and as Cody goes across he sees a glint of something in the distance. He stops the group and takes a look with the scope on his rifle. It looks to him like an emergency vehicle halfway down the ravine under the bridge.

We lower Cody down tied to a rope and he makes it to the vehicle, which turns out to be a Bell Ambulance, but he can’t open it because of the rusty doors and all of the debris.

Dusty climbs down the rope to help but almost falls and hurts himself. After a few minutes they gain entry but don’t find much; some medkits and metal tools. We extract them and then head out.

We stay overnight nearby and have an uneventful evening, then head south on 6th Street. At around 9am, as we are passing Highland and the MATC, we hear a call for help. Though others are running to assist, we decide that it is too dangerous (and possibly a trap) so we move on.

Session 1 – The Spiders

A group of kids runs into town and one of them is screaming incoherently, saying that one of the other children, Roger, was taken. Ian asks who took him, and after she calms down she says that a spider took him.

Cody takes off on his mountain bike to see what is going on, and finds some huge indentations at regular intervals in the ground. He returns back to the Settlement and lets the rest of us know what he saw.

We organize a party, and Roger’s father wants to come with us. We convince him to stay since he isn’t much good in a fight.

The rest of us search for where the tracks lead, and eventually come upon a small five foot by five foot wide cave entrance where the tracks disappear into.

Heading into the cave, it opens up and is quite a bit larger inside. We are seeing some movement ahead of us in the dark and strange sounds. Toward the back we see the shape of a giant ant. Ned sends his bear over to attack it, and with one powerful strike it tears into the ant’s face, killing it instantly.

We hear more sounds and suddenly several more ants appear, attacking us savagely.


We unload several shots at the ants, which echo like cannon blasts in the small cave.

Dusty is pinned down by an ant and is being attacked, and we open fire to try and clear them off of him. He is terrified of all the noise but manages to hold it together.

After escaping from the ant, Dusty swings at one with his aluminum bat and it bends in half.

We hear more ants coming and behind them, and suddenly the huge shape of the queen, wings and all, come behind them. We begin to beat a hasty retreat.


As we exit the cavern, the ants follow us in a huge swarm. From above us we hear a buzzing sound, and a cloud of dragonflies descends on the ants and tears them apart.

Shocked, we regroup and bind those with wounds. Ian says that we should take care of the queen now that her drones have been decimated.

We venture back inside and go further into the cavern, seeing a dead deer and what appears to be the remains of a small black boy, which sadly must be Roger.

Coming upon a cave to our right, we hear more noises from here and round the corner to see the queen and several of her drones. Simon dumps an entire flask of oil in front of him to trap them in as we attack.

Ned’s bear is hit with poison and perishes.

Before Simon can light the oil, the queen flies over him into the hallway and attacks the group. Ian pulls his Peacemaker and shoots her in the head, but she doesn’t die.

Simon finally lights the fire and it engulfs the three ants in the flames, but they are not heavily damaged.

Alexander finally rushes in and stabs the queen with his spear, and we take care of the other drones.

Simon searches the area and finds a skeleton holding a .22 rifle that looks new, and also a pair of binoculars that is also in great shape.

Ian finds Roger’s corpse and prepares to take him back to the town.

We find at least 18 eggs, and Cody smashes them.

We also find a bundle of roofing shingles, some motor oil, a candle, a metal music box, a full bottle of gin, four MREs in a backpack, as well as a Sprite can with a hole in it.

Dusty asks Simon for the music box, but he declines and takes it for himself.

Session 5 – Venus

The Wardens send us to Flare City colony at the Wind House Hotel & Resort. It is located inside of a mountain, and is one of the few places where the surface of the planet can be seen. We go off and do different activities, since everything is complimentary to us, but one evening we get together to have dinner.

At dinner, a woman approaches the table and introduces us as Julie Stern, the corporate liaison for the Venusian Advisory Board. She hands us business cards. She says that we were recommended by the local Warden office, and that she needs us to look into a man by the name of Hector Valdez. He is listed as a mid-level manager at a company called Geo-Excavations. She believes that he is part of corporate espionage against Rare Earths Inc., another large corp on Venus. She wants this to be resolved so there is not out and out war between the two corps. She wants to go with Wardens instead of the local law enforcement because we are potentially more impartial.

Katya excuses herself to go to the restroom, and on the way checks the area to make sure we are not being watched. She can’t find anything.

Julie tells us that they will be getting a warrant to search Hector’s apartment. She says that mining rights have been fought over by the corps in the Cryst Rift Zone. Hector is trying to climb the corporate ladder by securing mining rights for his company, by whatever means necessary.

Dr. Reilly and Lyeland ask her for more information, and what is really going on. She says that she has no more information. We decide to visit the Warden office the next day, since it is late.

We visit the Warden office, and they verify that Julie came in to see them and she is legitimate. We gripe about it, but eventually agree to take the job.

Hector’s place in in a different settlement called Diamond Head, and we take a shuttle there. The trip is about one hour. The area that he lives in is a trendy location that has a lot of small shops. We plan to go up and search his place while he is at work, but he is out on his balcony so we decide to surveil him. After a short while another man comes to the door and begins manhandling Hector before closing the door after him. We go in hot, but before we can get to the room the whole thing explodes, blowing the windows and doors out. Most of us are knocked down, but Katya and Lyeland are not and see in the distance someone calmly walks away. This is probably our suspect.

We are picked up and taken back to the Warden office, and the fire department comes to take care of the scene.

Session 4 – Mariner of the Stars

We head back to our ship and gear up, then head back to Engineering. We decide to remove some of the oxygen so the passengers will pass out and be less agitated, and we can more easily identify the space monster.

After this we head back to the cargo hold, and check on the sarcophagus. We see that the seal has been broken and there is a trail of ectoplasm there.

Suddenly something attacks Katya from above. It seems to be the creature. She fires at it, and it tries to affect her mind and then Michael’s, but it is ineffective. Rusty takes a shot with his sniper rifle and hits it, but it is still alive. It grabs onto Michael and wraps its tentacles around his neck; Jeff is so scared that he starts laughing hysterically, and Rusty passes out.

Michael manages to get an arm free and slices the creature’s head off with his blade. Thomas runs up and stabs him for good measure.

We put the creature in the sarcophagus and begin cleaning up so the populous doesn’t find out about him.

We go back to the room where we locked Dr. Wells, but he has been bludgeoned by Carstinsen (before we found him in the Captain’s quarters). We find a blood spattered hijab, worn by Carstinson as he committed the murders and a journal written by Dr. Wells that talks about the seal being broken on the sarcophagus, and that he was afraid of the possibility of Carstinson killing his own wife.

Jeff copies all of the security tapes and wipes them from the ship’s system so word doesn’t get out. We turn the oxygen back on, fix the engines and take our leave back to Warden Prime.

Warden Prime is a huge space station compared to our home base, and it has everything including a ship repair yard, sensor arrays, computers and armories.

They take the sarcophagus containing the creature and the bodies of Carstinson and Dr. Wells. The people on the station take it up to Floor 23. Dr. Reilly asks exactly what is on Floor 23, and they tell us that no one is allowed to know that.

We have an audience with Capt. Dearborn, and he congratulates us on a successful mission. He says that our ship will be upgraded with higher tech and we will be going on shore leave at a resort on Venus.

Session 3 – Mariner of the Stars

Monica Gabrielli is the security chief that we will be working with on the Mariner of the Stars. She escorts us down to the engine room, and there are two security guards posted here. We go further down to the energy flow regulation system which is between two of the main transit drives.

After checking the scene, we are positive that he was struck from behind with a very heavy object, splattering his brains all over the place. The control unit was also struck, as there are cracking and dents on the machine.

Jeff sees from the computer that the the flow control went off at 1:32am Standard Earth Time. On the surveillance feed he sees a figure running wearing a dark cloak which obscures their characteristics.

Dr. Reilly checks the body and doesn’t find anything strange. Gabrielli tells us that Maria Mayamoto found the body, but was too emotionally unstable to give any information.

There is a UWC political delegation led by Rep. Helen Falk also on the ship, and they have taken an interest in the murder and keep badgering the captain and security personnel about it.

We speak to the cruise director, Petra Mendoza. Hardy, the man who was murdered, was pretty old school and called the Mariner “his ship.” He was regarded highly as one of the best engineers, but was short tempered and didn’t have much time for others. Hardy’s behavior has been strange of late — he was arguing with several people before launch. He was seen arguing with Dr. Sebastian Wells and also Helen Falk before launch. Petra Mendoza, the cruise director, may know more about Dr. Wells.

The ship was headed toward Saturn when it was sabotaged. Jeff checks out the damage to the engine and he sees that it would not be fixed easily — it will take time, but he can do it.

We head to the infirmary and Thomas asks Maria about what happened. She found out about the problem and woke up the head engineer from hypersleep. He was very grumpy and went to go fix the problem when he was murdered. A very large wrench which was used for opening a housing on the engine is missing — this was likely the murder weapon.

Then we head to Petra Mendoza’s office and ask her about Dr. Wells and Rep. Helen Falk. Hardy was getting along with Gunther Eichman — a politician from Saturn — Falk approached them and started an argument with them. She says that Hardy was having a conversation with a colleague of Dr. Wells — a research assistant named Nate Carkinson. Dr. Wells is part of a research team heading to Titan, and they were part of an archaeological study on Mars. We notice that when she mentions Miyamoto, her voice softens a bit. The last person she saw Hardy with was an actress named Zarina Bahar.

Mendoza says that Maria and Hardy were having an affair, and that she was far too good for him.

Thomas does background checks on all of the people on the ship. We decide to interview Gunther Eichman first. He says that Hardy’s brother Samuel is part of the Saturn delegation; there is a play to reduce tarriff’s so they can build an industrial facility on Rhea. Eichman says that he is opposed to an industrial yard being built since it is UWC encroaching on them. Hardy told Falk to piss off. We toss his apartment while he is being interviewed but we don’t find anything — he was signed in to his gravity couch during the time of the murder.

We interview Nate Carstinsen. He says that he went to live on Mars a few years ago with his wife, Mattie, and worked for Dr. Wells. He says that Wells had found information on an ancient manuscript that he thought would lead to the discovery of another race living on Mars before man. He says that he regrets taking the job, because he has since lost his wife. Wells found an alien burial chamber and inside, a large object with concentric circles inscribed on it. He thought it was like a sarcophagus, and his plan was to have it removed and studied at the University. They put it in their warehouse, and soon afterward strange occurrences began. Equipment was malfunctioning, and shortly Mattie passed away for unknown reasons. He says that the sarcophagus is on board, in the cargo hold. This is what Wells got into the argument with the Chief about, since Wells was asking for additional security around the sarcophagus. Hardy told him no, and Wells was furious. He is obsessed with it, and doesn’t eat or sleep, he just watches over it. Carstinen says that he was at the casino during the murder, but the cameras don’t see him. We also check his bank account and he did not go to the casino that day. Katya cold cocks him and then steps on his neck until he admits that he was down in the cargo hold…he has been trying to get the doctor away from the sarcophagus. However we check the feed on the cameras, and he wasn’t there either.

We head down to the cargo area and speak with Dr. Wells. He seems disoriented, but when we introduce ourselves as Wardens he responds with excitement, telling us all about his discovery in a manic fashion.

Dr. Wells, we’ve determined, is crazy. In interviewing him, Thomas recognizes the symptoms of a Nyphelous, otherwise known as a “night terror”. These things float through space until they detect a mind up to 10,000 miles away. Once they detect something, they fly towards it and control minds. They are telepathic and can search through memories for phobias and fears, driving them crazy and living off of the fear that they generate. Eventually once they are completely crazy, they feed off of the body. They can appear as other people, alter perceptions, coercion, etc. They however can only affect one mind at a time.

Now that we know what is going on, we decide to lock the doctor in the conference room. As we are doing this, we see on the security cameras that there is a riot going on on the promenade. Security Chief Gabrielli and Zarina Bahar are about to get swallowed by an angry mob.

We rush down to the promenade and save the two women and the security guards who weren’t already killed. We look out and we see Nate heading toward the Captain’s quarters, and assume that he was responsible for the murder. We catch up to him and Katya and Jeff shoot him and he drops the weapon that he was about to brain the Captain with. Just before Katya puts him down for good, he starts speaking in a cult dialect saying “The bringer of terror has awoken!”

We decide that we need to find this thing and kill it, so we head back down to the engineering department.